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    Amtrak dining

    I find the elitism on this board sometimes hard to take. Dining pax squawking about non social distancing should have ridden with me on the Capitol #30 last Friday, 6/4, from CHI to ELY. Coach pax here. Every seat was filled in my coach leaving Chicago to South Bend, and nearly full to points...
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    Is "socially distant" seating no longer used?

    This is how my 3300 mile RT CLE-GJT on LSL and CZ in Dec was-single seat but people in front and behind and across aisle. Masks all around. I was fine with it.
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    Which webcam is your favorite to watch Amtrak trains?

    Don’t forget Elkhart, IN. Capitol and Lake Shore stop. Good views of how many pax detrain and entrain.
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    Stephen Gardner new Amtrak president

    It’s interesting to note that the Capitol Ltd. just missed the cutoff. The Amtrak timetable cards it at 780 miles.
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    Election results and Amtrak

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    Texas Eagle Consists

    No baggage car. One of the coaches is a coach/baggage, with the downstairs seating replaced with a baggage compartment, reducing seating capacity that much more. Very sad. Try making a reservation on short notice.
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    The Biden Campaign Train is back in the news

    Biden is a private citizen. He isn’t an elected official at this point. All these precautions are done for elected officials holding offices. I think in some cases Biden is already elected in some people’s brains.
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    freezers in roomettes?

    My friend, a coach passenger, asked for a cup of ice on the Capitol Ltd. 2 weeks ago and was told no, he had to buy a soda. Don’t really know if this applies, but is food for thought.
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    How reliable is Air Conditioning in Bedroom cars

    Gaffer’s tape is hard to find and much more expensive. The point is that if Amtrak did it’s job, no tape would be necessary and HVAC would provide a consistent and temperate atmosphere, especially considering the prices they charge for a room with glorified TV dinners.
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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    An earlier reference was made that maybe things will change Nov. 3. Keep in mind there won't be any change until Jan. 20, 2021, 7 months from now. If Trump is reelected all bets are off!
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Nope. Based on history 3 days a week.