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    Michigan Central renovation update

    This article has an update and photos of the progress on the renovation of the old Michigan Central station in Detroit by Ford motor company. 'Behind-the-scenes work is done' as Ford puts Michigan Central Station back together
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    Bid Up?

    Should show as an option in the app or website if it is available for your trip. I used it recently to upgrade to a roomette from coach but on another segment it would not allow a bid from roomette to bedroom. However it may in your case. Keep in mind if you do it correctly you will receive a...
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    Scanners, Radio and Other such tech inquiries

    I would recommend programming the scanner to the same existing 99 AAR channel numbers, so that when the crew says going over to 56 or 72 etc.... you could just switch your scanner to that channel and not be trying to think about frequencies. In general I think most trips the communication you...
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    The awful experience of being on hold with Amtrak

    Wait times are definitely way up to speak to an agent. I ran into something a few times recently where the app would not let me modify an existing ticket relatively close to departure time and said I needed to call. Then the wait time was said to be over an hour(way past the departure time). In...
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    Amtrak potential service reduction due to staff shortage

    I didn't read through all the threads if it has already been mentioned but in case Amtrak proceeds to cut only some routes and not others, remember they do have national seniority and if you are already a qualified conductor or Engineer, at the most would take about a month to qualify on new...
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    Boston Sleeper Cancelled on 448(1) and 448(2)

    I hear what you are saying about turning the train, but if that is the case then you could just run it with an engine on each end on weekends like the downeasters do every day. Don't know the whole layout of framingham but I remember there being a pocket track near the station where I have seen...
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    Boston Sleeper Cancelled on 448(1) and 448(2)

    Not sure if that was the project but it does sound about right. I heard it was something on I-90 mass pike which does parallel the railroad at the point you mentioned. It is a shame that we are comparing which trains downgrades are worse than the others! I guess I would say the Texas Eagle...
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    Boston Sleeper Cancelled on 448(1) and 448(2)

    on the weekends the lake shore boston section is cancelled the mbta is only bussing from south station to Boston Landing station with their trains running the rest of the way to Worcester. I think it is only for a highway project that is very close to the railroad actually not anything connected...
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    Amtrak to Montreal

    The Montreal to Boston cruise sounds fun. What company or cruise line offer's that trip? I would think by May of next year it would be a pretty safe bet the trains would be running to Montreal and Toronto. They have already restarted selling Amtrak ticketed thruway connecting bus service to...
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    Amtrak Station food courts and restaurants close to stations

    The new Hub Hall food court opened at Boston North Station recently. Modern Food Hall, Downtown Boston | Bars, Restaurants, Coffee It gives the station more variety in food options than the busier Boston South Station for now. Anyway, in case there wasn't a central thread before I thought I...
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    Best North Eastern Routes

    I would recommend the Vermonter to Essex Jct and taxi to Burlington to check out Lake Champlain and surroundings. Unfortunately I think the Adirondack has still not resumed running but a few years ago I took that train to Port Kent NY and the ferry across to Burlington then the Vermonter down...
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    Chicago to Toronto via Detroit and Windsor

    I have done the Chicago-Toronto via Windsor trip by Amtrak wolverine/VIA rail several times before and it went fine each time. There are a couple of different ways to get across the border in Detroit as people have mentioned when travel is fully open. Regular cabs straight to and from the Amtrak...
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    How's the Chicago-Pontiac Wolverine route doing with track upgrades to 110 mph?

    They did raise the speeds east of Kalamazoo higher than 79mph for the first time earlier this year. I saw 365 on the asm train tracker at 91mph between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo today for instance. I think it is up to 110mph depending on curves as far as Albion Michigan now but I could be...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    On the NEC Tomorrow it looks like about 15 round trips scheduled Boston to New York and 30 plus round trips New York to Washington. I don't know what the previous pre-covid schedule was but that is still pretty good service. I take the NEC myself once every month or so and enjoy having it...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies. One question I was thinking of is does anyone know what the actual agreement is for the number of attendants required per coach and/or per sleeper/ lounge car? Also can Amtrak just run the cars anyway without attendants if they are short staff? I know some...