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    Changes Coming For The Canadian?

    Unless via can do a stub train from banff to Jasper if a connection exists to do it.
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    Amtrak Cascades to VAC, what to expect

    Leaving vac you clear customs your bags are put through a airport style xray machine and thr y check your passport ask a few questions then your on your way. You can check your bag also if returning by train. Once at the boarder the agents come through collect the blue forms check the photo and...
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    Legacy Club at CUS

    Here are pics I took from the Legacy club on July 21st
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    Legacy Club at CUS

    I was there on the 21st of July. It's real nice. Can sodas and small bottles of water at no charge. It is coke products. Flat screen TVs with shows other then the news.they escort you out to the train ahead of everyone including pre-boards I think. I left my debt card behind by accident as they...
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    ACS-64 Heads Up

    The capital limited that departed CHI on the 21st had 2 SSLs not 2 diners.
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    Revived Facebook group for the Southwest Chief

    Tin foil hat wearer's. Your identity can be stolen from anywhere. Hackers can hack your phone your car your smart tv. Don't use your credit card in a store or gas pump you never know if it is being cloaned. Might as well get off the computer and live in a cage.
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    Record Set on Final Trails & Rails Run on Southwest Chief

    This whole thing smells fishy. Something is up.
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    ACS-64 Heads Up

    648 on today's(20) capital limited along with a dash-8.
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    7/19/15 - 28/8 not showing up on status map?

    I got lucky in that 8(17) out of Seattle was on time leaving and was even a hour early into Spokane. We only lost time due to the derailment as the line had just opened back up so we ended up only being about 3 hours late into chicago. BNSF was in a hurray to reopen the line some tank cars still...
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    Train leaves at 1:45 pm will we be able to have lunch ?

    Are you departing Chicago on the Texas eagle? If so dinner will be the first meal.
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    Derailment at Culbertson, MT, 7/16/15

    I'm on 8(17) currently and no one knows what awaits us. I was told at Seattle there may or may not be a bus bridge depends what BNSF does.
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    Amtrak Derailment Philadelphia (5/12/2015)

    If items were thrown at the cab and he ducked he could have forgotten about the curve till the last minute.
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    What happened to 8(13)?

    I just don't want to deal with a bustution. Delays smlays I came off a 10 hour late Canadian though hopefully Amtrak is not as late.
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    What happened to 8(13)?

    I'm supposed to be on the empire builder on the 17th. Will I be affected or should I fly from Seattle to l.a and hop the swc or just fly to Chicago altogether.