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    Amtrak Asks Two People Who Use Wheelchairs To Pay $25,000 For A Ride (NPR 1/17/20)

    And also HERE: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-amtrak-wheelchair-seats-access-living-chicago-apology-20200121-bu23c3m7xzc4dcss2m4b3jrsfq-story.html
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains (FEC) Update

    I would HOPE that whatever VT, SunRail, FDOT, DIsney and the Airport Authority work out together ends up being at least a semi-integrated plan. We here in Orlando and Central Florida and Florida as a whole NEED it to be. Disney would benefit tremendously if people from all over the Orlando...
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    There's a huge amount of association meetings and minor conventions - those sorts of meetings are going on ALL the time at all the hotels on and around Disney properties. They all use Disney as a huge selling point to their organizations - "Come have your meetings here, wink, wink, nudge, nudge...
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    Actually, with that reference to Disney.... Since they already made a reference to a Disney connection in Orlando for pax, maybe they are already talking to Disney about carrying some of their cruise ship pax, and are doing some additional planning they haven't disclosed yet. If Disney ships...
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    Maybe they measured it with rubber couplers and ultra-stretch braking.......
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    From the article: "The maintenance facility will be 1,000 feet long, while each train with two locomotive and 10 passenger cars will be 15 feet tall and 1,300 feet long." I'm just the reporter here.....
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    AMTRAK and Real IDs

    If you want real circular farce, when I went to get my "Real-ID" FL DL, I needed my SS Card, and couldn't find it, which meant I had to get a replacement. So what did the Social Security office require for ID? My NON-REAL-ID FL DL that supposedly isn't any good as ID. So the FL DL that FL...
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    Brightline/Virgin Trains Orlando-Miami update Orlando Sentinel 11/21/19

    Orlando Sentinel article November 21, 2019. Discusses the construction that has begun at the Orlando end, and plans, which include connections to SunRail and Disney, but with no details as to how they intend to make those connections. Estimated fare ORL-MIA of $60-$100 one-way. They are...
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    Glimmer of hope for a DeLand SunRail station

    I was kind of hoping that somebody would notice the fact that the A-Line north to Deland runs literally RIGHT PAST Blue Spring State Park and propose a stop there. School classes from the whole Orlando Metro area could do field trips to Blue Spring, and area Seniors could do a day trip there...
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    Auto Train Coach Food Being Removed 1/14/2020?

    So we have identified a new need - a rideshare network for non-driving people that want to sign on as additional passengers with drivers that are going to travel on Auto Train but who will have empty space in their vehicle. They will have to do that prior to reservations being made, I think...
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    North Carolina DOT's 10 Year Plan (8/13/2019)

    Did a real superficial scan of that. Found this - there is undoubtedly more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Passenger Rail Projects, CSX A-Line Halifax Northampton P-5741 R171422. DESCRIPTION: Construct New Main Track...
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    GPS Apps

    MAPS.ME for Android is an App that allows you to download maps onto your device beforehand for literally anywhere on earth so that you can use your Android phone or tablet as a GPS without the need to be within range of a cell network, and without using cell data. I use it with my cellphones and...
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    A Modest Proposal

    Back when Amtrak had the Florida Resident Annual Railpass we used to ride all over Florida a lot. Of course, back then it included the Sunset Limited, too, and we used the Railpass to Pensacola and then tickets to NOL and back. :(
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    A Modest Proposal

    "when the Silver Palm ran via Ocala it joined the route to Tampa at Plant City, so did not hit Lakeland on the way to Tampa from the North." [***** Interesting point. I recall seeing those intersections, though. Thanks.*****] "Unfortunately, the Ocala routing of anything anymore is pretty...
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    A Modest Proposal

    As I recall, the Silver Palm ran down the interior of North and North-Central Florida on the CSX "S" Line, past Gainesville, through Ocala, Wildwood, and Lakeland, to Tampa, then back through Lakeland, Then it joined the rest of the route that 91/92/97 98 covered down through Winter Haven and on...