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  1. Anthony V

    New Southern Belle

    While I don't believe the entire former Southern Belle route will return to hosting passenger trains anytime soon, I do believe there is demand for passenger train service along the most densely-populated portion of the route - the route between New Orleans and Shreveport, LA, which includes...
  2. Anthony V

    Flynn on Amtrak

    Yes, especially a second frequency serving Ohio in daylight.
  3. Anthony V

    Which webcam is your fav to watch Amtrak trains?

    Because it is the most recent expansion that you can see from a railroad webcam, I prefer to watch the Roanoke, VA cam on weekend mornings. (days on which the train leaves Roanoke in daylight)
  4. Anthony V

    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    Mobile is in the process of moving it's commercial aviation services primarily to Brookley Airport, which is a few miles south of Downtown Mobile and adjacent to the CSX tracks. That's where the airport station would be.
  5. Anthony V

    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    I agree that the Crescent should be rerouted onto its original route between Atlanta and NOL via Auburn, Montgomery and Mobile, AL. To preserve service to Birmingham, the service west of Atlanta to as far as Meridian, MS would be turned into a new section of the Crescent and extended to...
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    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    The City of Mobile should consider having stations at both the airport and downtown, similar to the station situation in Milwaukee with the Hiawatha Service. This would allow for intermodal trips between train and airplane at the airport station and train and cruise ship at the Cooper Riverside...
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    Restoring Service to Southern Montana (NYT Article)

    The Montana Rail Link did not exist when the NCH last ran in 1979. So no, Amtrak doesn't have any history in dealing with the MRL.
  8. Anthony V

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The Siemens Venture rolling stock currently in production will be owned by the states that operate the routes they will be used on, so you will never see them transferred to other parts of the country, like the Northeast. In fact, the rolling stock that the RFP mentioned in the title of this...
  9. Anthony V

    Fully staffed stations on days with no train service?

    That may be a good sign that Amtrak doesn't plan on making the tri-weekly cutbacks permanent.
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    The South Dakota State Fair

    Using tracks that still exist, South Dakota's best hope for scheduled passenger rail service would be a corridor branching off the California Zephyr route at Omaha, NE to Sioux Falls, SD via Sioux City, IA. This corridor would be set up similar to the Heartland Flyer in Oklahoma and Texas. This...
  11. Anthony V

    Stephen Gardner new Amtrak president

    There's also the route via Athens, GA (the former route of the Silver Comet), which is also fairly direct.
  12. Anthony V

    Theoretical Hoosier State Revival

    Let's say Indiana someday gets serious about passenger rail and makes the revival of the Hoosier State a priority. If such should ever come true, the train should not return in its most recent form (a corridor train to fill in the gaps in a LD train's schedule, as the service had a poor...
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    Amtrak’s own numbers show LD trains holding their own

    Passenger trains NEVER made money on fare revenue alone, even in the days of private passenger trains. Private railroads operating passenger service at the time did it because it was part of their common carrier obligations. They used freight revenues and US Postal Service contracts to...
  14. Anthony V

    Amtrak stations within a mile of a Casino? (w/real dice Craps)

    While not open yet, Rockford, IL is awaiting approval from the state for a new Hard Rock Casino that will be located right across I-90 from the Thruway Motorcoach station in that city. There used to be a hotel and convention center at the site, which these buses used to stop at. It is presumed...