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    Seating Protocol

    I think I get what you're saying. I've flown and taken trains extensively. On all of the trains I've taken (including Amtrak Acela and regional service to/from NY/Wash), no conductor has ever told me I needed to move, to accommodate a couple. On NJ Transit, they have told me I needed to move to...
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    Hurricane Dorian (2019)

    Well, my 90+ y/o aunt and my first cousin will fill that role for me. They are in Camden County Ga (right on the FL border line) and they were ordred to EVAC this morning. They are in Albany, tonight.
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    Hurricane Dorian (2019)

    Here's the 8AM Cone report for Monday, 09/02. If it continues on it's projected path, we might just dodge a bullet in Tampa Bay. However, people along the east coast will now be evacuating, up through SE Georgia, where I have family (that must now evac as well). And we still don't know...
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    Hurricane Dorian (2019)

    Here is the 8am Cone report for Sat. 08/31. Looks like it's going to hug the east cost and head for Beaufort, SC. If it keeps this track, we in Tampa Bay might just get by with a little wind and flooding. But we can't be sure where it will cut in. I hope it stays off shore, as my Aunt and a...
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    Hurricane Dorian (2019)

    It looks like, based on current tracking, that it will come directly over us in Tampa Bay. Hopefully, it will have weakened to a CAT-1 by then, but....
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Quite possible, as this was 1999 when I last took the train, just before they got MAC-70s. It also appears that they have dropped a lot of stops along the way as well, especially north of Denali Natl. Park. At least on the Denali Star service.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Correct. The Alaska railroad is only a 12hour journey, roughly, Anchorage <---> Fairbanks. Both train sets leave at 8:15a and arrive at their destinations at 8:00p. The "subcontrators" that man the on-board consession stand, and do the in-train tours, etc. are (or they used to be) middle/high...
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    Auto Train Improvements?

    And it sounds like they aren't really "replacing" much. If we see the Pre-boarding snacks and wine tasting still happen, then I'll be impressed.
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    NJ Transit to ‘Humanize’ Conductors Who Face Commuter Wrath

    I never really had any major issues with the conductors after almost 9 years of riding those trains. Most were quite pleasant. There was only one with which I had any serious issues. In fact, I was part of a group of commuters that took a given outbound train home regularly (and for whom the...
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    Outside Chicago

    I was last in the area in the mid 90's, so I might have just missed them. Well, knowing their inventory, they'd truly have to have a decent clientele to open a market place. Obviously, the center in Edgewater NJ makes sense as there are heavily large Japanese and Korean populations nearby...
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    Outside Chicago

    OMG! They have a Mitsuwa Marketplace up there now???? WOW! I used to go to the one in Edgewater, NJ all the time when I lived there! I sure wish they had one down here in Tampa Bay! You can literally get anything under the sun in those stores, especially the groceries and Japanese...
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    How to keep my items safe

    I concur with most of the above. And even more so on the Auto Train where there aren't intermediate station stops, so less chance of a thief being successful at "walking off" the train. But yes, keep the curtains closed and eveything else hidden in closets/compartments or luggage when going to...
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    NJ Transit humor

    Now, understand they did this on a Wednesday during the summer when schools are out and people are starting to go on vacation. So there probably isn't as much crowding and level of ridership that would raise the "snark" factor.... Had they did this on a Monday after Labor Day when the schools...
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    Pet's ashes

    All the more reason to bring the cremains as "carry on" and not in checked baggage. The TSA agents at MCO that handled my Godmother were very professional. I had a T-shirt in the box with the plastic container of cremains, only to keep it from flopping around in the Postal box. They made me...
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    Auto Train Questions

    Also, understand that the loading/unloading area of each terminal area is carefully video monitored. It would be very difficult for any of the contract drivers to "creatively acquire" anything large in size from a vehicle. And "bulges" in the driver's clothes or coveralls would be suspect. Of...