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    5/31 Texas Eagle (#422) CANCELED

    Again...the only thing I blame Amtrak for is very poor customer service including — 1) Withholding information from customers 2) Inadequate staffing of both phone lines AND locations where passengers transferred to buses 3) Failure to anticipate the domino effects of poor weather that was...
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    5/31 Texas Eagle (#422) CANCELED

    Sorry...this has been an incredible disappointment for my wife and me. And it's not just the issues of flooding; we understand that. It's the poor way Amtrak has handled its customers. They knew darn good and well what was going to happen way before they notified us. We went through busing from...
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    5/31 Texas Eagle (#422) CANCELED

    Well, here we go again...our three day trip from LA (5/31) to CHI (6/3) on the Eagle has been canceled with barely 24 hours notice. "Due to a service disruption"...baloney. I've been monitoring the TE eastbound the last several days, and have seen minimal delays despite all the crap in the...
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    SW Chief (Train 3) busing due to flooding

    That’s odd. I follow Amtrak on Twitter and don’t see that post anywhere. EDIT: I see it now on Amtrak Alerts.
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    SW Chief (Train 3) busing due to flooding

    On a sleeper on the SW Chief (train 3) that is about an hour out of Chicago and they say flooding is forcing us off the train at KC after 10 pm arrival and onto busses. Busing us somewhere (SCA didn’t know how far) and then we’ll board an identical consist for the rest of the trip to LA. Any...
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    Indiana proposed budget zeros out Hoosier State funding

    This, however, is far from certain. The last sentence in the Amtrak portion of the story... "House and Senate Republican leaders said they planned to talk over whether to continue funding the train as the session progresses."
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    Great Dome 2018 Schedule

    Excellent suggestion. We just booked a five-night trip to the SW from IND for next spring. Canada should be next on our itinerary...
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    Great Dome 2018 Schedule

    I certainly understand the present-day limitations the original dome cars would have. But my observation (no pun intended) still stands -- there is nothing like the original dome cars for a beautiful, nearly unlimited view/
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    Great Dome 2018 Schedule

    The SSLs are such a poor excuse for a dome car. Absolutely no comparison. I really miss the Vista Domes of the Northern Pacific...
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    SL to TE--LCH to CHI

    The SAS station is no picnic either...unless they've renovated/updated in the past five years... .
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    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    Well, boo frickin hoo...lives were lost because of a CSX screwup. Let them wait...
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    Indiana teens disconnect and enjoy life on the train

    Great article today in the Indy Star -- https://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2018/02/08/carmel-teens-spent-9-days-train-traveling-through-small-town-america-little-cell-service-wifi-heres/308854002/
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    Amtrak Derailment Philadelphia (5/12/2015)

    Bostian now facing manslaughter charges... https://apnews.com/1773b0ed612f4be5858d37afc6848c83/Charges-reinstated-vs.-Amtrak-engineer-in-Philadelphia-crash