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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    I also believe that things happen for a reason. It's not always about what happened,but about what didn't happen. May God continue to bless you.
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    Sorry you are a non believer.
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    At the time I was there I was the only one. I was told to be there at or before 4:00 pm. So I was there. A little later 2 other came in and was turned away. I got a ride to the Greyhound bus station from one of those left behind. While at the station I overheard the bus driver being asked about...
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    Sleeper room assignment when redeeming online

    Yes, I booked my trips in May and like you one ☝️ of my sleepers was on the upper level, I called and I was told the same thing,but the agent did an adjustment for me because I had an operation and I need to be close to the bathrooms. I also told her that she could look at the rest of my...
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    minimum tip to leave so SCA doesn't realize I'm a cheapskate?

    Sorry, but I can only afford to tip $5.00 because I live on a fixed income. I usually tip the day of my exit from the sleeper.
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    I talked to another person in customer relations and I found out that the other lady straight up and lied to me. She read to me what was already in their system about me having been stranded. She was able to give me a voucher to cover the cost of the bus ticket. I was thinking I'm just out of...
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    New Update: I tried to do as several of you suggest and I talked to someone with customer relations, it was as if I was lying about being stranded. Their computer said their was a bus and at first they said I left before the bus got there . I told them there was no bus and I had to go to the...
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    Also one thing I forgot to mention, I overheard the bus driver was asked why his bus was so full. His comments were we have a lot of Amtrak passengers that were trying to get to SLC to catch the train .
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    Stranded no train � 6 , and no bus �

    I was stranded in Reno yesterday when I arrived at the Reno train station 02/16/17. I had been repeatedly assured that a bus would be there by Amtrak 1800 number. The whole trip has been a deluge of false and conflicting information about what was supposed to happen. Needless to say I was in...
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    California Zephyr Winter 2017 Delays

    I'm have gone through the same thing. The misinformation on the train was just as bad. First I was told that a bus would be waiting for us in SLC . Then onboard the train it was announced that the train would end there with no alternative transportation provided. Well I called Amtrak and was...
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    The Price of Sleepers?

    Good News I just did an upgrade to a sleeper for the low bucket price of $314 + $1.70 for the upgrade process for a total of $315.70. I'm all ready for my trip to begin this week.
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    Points For Completing Survey

    I think that if the computer does not like your answers , it will say this survey is not right for you. I completed the survey about Wells Fargo bank and it appears that it didn't like my answers but when I had completed it says that this survey is not right for you. Keep in mind that I have a...
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    The Price of Sleepers?

    I just saw that the sleeper on train 5 went from $758 to $536. It has come down,but not enough for me to afford it. I can afford it if it went back to low bucket price. I'll keep checking who knows I might get lucky.
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    The Price of Sleepers?

    I have been looking at the super high prices of sleepers of late. I'm going on a trip in February and the price of the roomette on CZ $758 from Chicago to Reno cost more than the whole round trip with one sleeper on CZ returning home which includes business class. Does Amtrak really want to...
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    AGR site: No transaction found

    Could it be that you put in 2007 instead of 2017. You have 2007 in your post