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    The first "Air Force One"

    Technically any Air Force plane the president is on, regardless of its configuration, is Air Force One. The same way any Navy plane he is on becomes Navy One, Marine aircraft becomes Marine One etc. An example of this was back in 2003 when GW flew aboard an S-3 Viking to the Abraham Lincoln to...
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    Airlines being upended

    Last week the DOT sent the airlines a reminder that they must refund tickets when they cancel a flight or significantly change an itinerary. However, if you cancelled your flight then you wouldn’t be eligible for a refund unless you booked a non-refundable ticket. You would only be covered by...
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    What are the best and worst commuter rails in the U.S.? You don’t read or get out much do you?
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    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    Do these rumblings include the possibility of a third NY-FL train?
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    Uber upon arriving at MIA

    Surge pricing around closing time near the Amtrak station is very unlikely. The station is in a very industrial part of town without very many clubs or bars around. While there is always the possibility of increased demand it is more likely to come from people at the station ordering Uber’s than...
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    Silver Meteor NYP to Miami Coach

    The easiest way to get to downtown Miami would be to get off the Meteor in Hollywood, take Tri Rail to either the Tri Rail Metrorail Transfer station or Miami Airport and then take Metrorail to downtown Miami. Of course Metrorail only has two stops downtown so once there you will need to...
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    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    Just like you showed humility and didn’t make assumptions when you told me how I felt up thread? Or does your advice only apply to everyone but you?
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    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    Telling someone to get over their own self importance and then complaining because your train was delayed by a suicide is rich. I’m sorry you missed your friends funeral but I have the same amount of compassion for you as you did for the poor soul that took his own life.
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    Possible to actually sleep in LSL Boston sleeper?

    Hence the reason that I said you the OP would probably be fine. Ultimately the only thing that matters is the OP’s ability to sleep through loud noises, not yours or mine.
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    Possible to actually sleep in LSL Boston sleeper?

    Really it all boils down to how you sleep. Do you live near train tracks or a fire station? If you can sleep through the noise from that then you are probably fine. If however you are a light sleeper and any noise wakes you up then you are probably in for a long night.
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    If a Big If Oscar Munoz Ran Amtrak - Hypothetical

    I don’t understand the fascination with getting airline executives to run Amtrak. But since it’s a thing why not just go for the gusto and hire the worst of the worst, Jeff Smisek.
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    What are the realities of the Conductor trainee job?

    Are there any instances when a person can be eligible for SS and Railroad Retirement. For example if a person were to spend twenty years in a non-railroad job paying into SS and then spend another twenty years working for the railroad paying into Railroad Retirement would they be eligible for...
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    Questions about domestic in-transit luggage inspection.

    Tell that to Philando Castile, or Charles Kinsey, or Justine Diamond, or Botham Jean.
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    Planning Key West Trip

    My recommendation would be to rent a car as soon as you arrive in Miami, head down US1 away from the airport toward the Keys and find a nice hotel somewhere in the Homestead/Florida City area. The Miami Airport Tri Rail station is actually attached to the airport rental car center. When you...