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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    Possibly doesn’t belong on this thread but here goes anyways. Ridership is down on long distance trains (I forget the percentage from previous year). So I ask was that previous year comparing using 3 coaches as is customarily added during the summer months? If so isn’t that an inaccurate...
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    Triweekly service will be overshadowed by drop in revenue

    Speaking of the CZ. We are running at the Amtrak mandated 50-55%. So of course ridership is down. But let’s ask Amtrak this. If the coaches are sold out why not do the yearly thing and add the extra coach? Or the third sleeper? They do it every year but this year. Train is running at capacity...
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    Amtrak’s Flynn on impact of COVID-19

    It was CEO Anderson who first proposed cutting Amtrak LD trains. This while the former CEO Boardman warned of the loss of income from the LD trains. CEO Anderson had pre pandemic began cutting crews on dining cars and replacing with TV dinners. So this is how the previous administration had...
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    A letter to Amtrak's new CEO by Senator Steve Daines

    After reading Senator Grassley’s response below one wonders how Amtrak can rid itself of the LD trains. July 7, 2020 Dear constituent. Thank you for sharing with me your support for passenger rail service in Iowa and across the nation. As your senator, it is important for me to hear from...
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    A letter to Amtrak's new CEO by Senator Steve Daines

    Such a great letter. It appears Amtrak has someone watching and questioning their position on the LD trains. I copied and pasted this letter to my senators here in Iowa. One replied still waiting on the other. Has anyone else contacted their Senator to inquire as to whether they have signed off...