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    Secondary Midwest connection point

    Oh no, certainly none of the existing services should be disrupted. I'm just thinking a WAS-STL or NYP-STL train could be a good addition to the schedule.
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    Bar Compartment on Superliners?

    I've only encountered one wild bar scene on Amtrak, and that was on my first cross country trip on the Zephyr in 2002 when I was 21. This was in the days of smoking cars, and I was traveling with a friend who was a smoker. The Zephyr's LSA announced a sale on $2.00 margaritas. One of our...
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    The smoking stops are so few and far between now. Really I feel bad for the smokers because there are so few smoke stops. They're good customers too.
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    Priorities for expanding the national network

    I totally agree with you, but I spent months on a business idea to do this and literally got laughed at. If I were to go into this business, I would look for an area with existing demand.
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    Secondary Midwest connection point

    In decades past, St. Louis was considered a much more important city than it is now. Many transcontinental travelers connected between East-West trains at St. Louis. Today, all these connections are made in Chicago. That works well considering the populations of Chicago and St. Louis, but St...
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    Thoughts on riding the LSL's BOS to ALB segment

    True! I just happen to love that run through the Berkshires. If we get 7-day schedules again, I can do it in a quick run from Cleveland, 526 miles each way without needing a day off from work :)
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    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    Our college radio station WRUW was independently funded, and many of my friends hosted shows. It was totally normal to be talking with someone at a party after midnight, only to have them leave totally sober to go host their show at 2 am or whatever time they could get on.
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    Amtrak BidUp (Bidding for Upgrades to Business Class/Acela First Class)

    I got a message about the program. I usually travel alone so there's really no reason to upgrade from the guaranteed two coach seats up to business. Not to make light of Covid, but I will always remember this past year, as it was nice that I always had the two seats to myself ;)
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    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    College expenses from a few decades later were submitted to the Student Government. I was the treasurer for a couple of years. The Trivia Team was honest and easy to deal with, and was nationally recognized. We always approved these expenses for them, because they traveled throughout the...
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    Lounge Access-without same day ticket

    I have a Select Plus card, and I always show that along with my same-day ticket. Never had a problem getting in the lounge in Chicago. The Chicago lounge is nice, but does not compare to the First Class Lounge in Philadelphia which is downright spectacular.
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    More Amtrak Service In Ohio?

    The value of reaching Cincinnati is really to expand the National Network through Cin The train should definitely continue farther south than Cincinnati. But I still doubt Ohio will get any 3C service going before I'm 60, and I'm 39.
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    Pennsylvanian Question

    Philadelphia has the finest First Class Lounge in the entire Amtrak system, so be sure to enjoy that if you are taking a sleeper out of PHL!
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    Does Anyone Still Have This Blanket?

    I take a blanket on every coach trip. The coach attendants have some control over the temp, but they really can't do that much - plus sometimes an entire coach car loves super hot or super cold temps. I just take a small blanket that cost me $2.99 at Wal-Mart.
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    Usually when I buy from the Cafe Car, the LSA rings up my Amtrak Mastercard and there's no place to tip. I give a dollar if I have one and there's a cash tip area, but it's certainly happened that I was coming back from the West Coast and didn't have cash on me. Other times, I order from the...
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    Thoughts on riding the LSL's BOS to ALB segment

    Trains 448 and 449, between Albany and Springfield, provide the most beautiful runs our country has to offer east of the Mississippi. How gorgeous the land is in that area.