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    London to Glasgow Caledonian Sleeper Train

    The train departs Inverness at 8:45 pm. So that gives you about 30 minutes of viewing today. I took this trip in July and like I said the country side turned dark in the Cairngorms.
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    London to Glasgow Caledonian Sleeper Train

    I took the Caledonian from Inverness to London back in the summer of 2017. The train has been updated since. My thoughts: The sleeper cars were beat up a bit, kind of like the state of Amtrak sleepers today. Worn carpet, cracked sinks, door handles that fall off etc. It is a short overnight...
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    Brightline Orlando Extension

    "what are the physical challenges to jump to the next level of 160 mph operations" Costly continuous maintainence.
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    VIA's Ocean will return on August 11 2021 Good info here on the Ocean.
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    Sudden roomette price increase

    I travel to Florida from Boston often. I use to take 2 trips a year on Amtrak. I can fly for 1/2 the price of a roomette for 2 people. I can fly 1st class for less than a roomette. The food and service have gone down hill, and the trains are beat up. I don’t see the value in Amtrak long...
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    Six of the world’s most amazing railway journeys

    I have traveled on the Shinkansen several times for work. It's fast, efficient and the view of Mount Fuji is impressive. However I would take any other train on this list over the Shinkansen. My trip on Amtrak's Southwest Chief had much better scenery and was memorial. The Caledonian Sleeper...
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    What would happen... if Amtrak failed?

    What would happen if Amtrak failed? I think states that wanted to keep rail service would take over operation of regional trains. A private operator could operate New York to D.C. at profit depending on the sale price. Maybe Boston to NYC. too, not sure. The Northeast corridor really depends...
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    Worst trip ever taken on Amtrak

    I have run into a few rude Amtrak employees. In all my travels I would put the number at 10% of Amtrak employees are rude or incompetent. The problem is that these employees seem to have little or no supervison so their actions go unchecked and their level of service continues.
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    I did travel on the overnight train for business between Boston and Cleveland and Boston and Philidelphia frequently back in the day. The Lake Shore, I think was scheduled to arrive into Cleveland before 5:00 am, and fortunately almost never did. I always had enough time to make my late...
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    I always hand the tip when stepping off the train or in the hallway just prior to my stop.
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    BOS --> ALB on 449 -- Best side of train for scenery?

    That is the Westfield River and it is on the leftside of the train until it branches from Roaring Brook which can be seen on the rightside of the train heading west. The train then crosses the brook several times after a while.
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    BOS --> ALB on 449 -- Best side of train for scenery?

    I have ridden on the 449 many times. When leaving Back Bay Station in Boston you will pass Fenway Park and see the Green Monster on the Left Side of the train. You will then pass B.U.'s Nickerson Field and see the remaining grandstand from old Brave's Field on your left. Worcester Union...
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    Amtrak Dining

    I have ridden the Canadian as well. It's very slow, expensive and does not provide daily service. The scenery is great, the service is excellent , the accomadations are top notch and the food is excellent. It's not quite the Rocky Moantaineer but you can't deny that the Canadian is more a...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Union Pacific and BNSF have the tracks, infrastructure, personel and most importantly the money if they wanted to get back into passenger rail. As long as they show no interest in running passenger trains then I can't see anyone else getting into the game. I am watching Brightline to see how...
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    Fares fair?

    So what Amtrak trips are you taking in the future and how much are you spending?