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    Chicago to Emeryville on Zephyr

    Also, in the lounge car, you can move around as you wish. Rarely would you sit in the same chair on the same side all day. The windows are large enough that you will see plenty of both sides. Most people will want to come and go from the car and just select whatever seat is available.
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    Glenwood Springs?

    Sounds like you have confirmed on the hot spring's website that they are indeed open. If so, the walks to there and the hotel should not be any particular issue in January unless there is an unusual heavy snow on the day you are there. And there will be plenty of local hoppy beer available...
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    Plus sized first time overnight train ride

    If you will be getting up frequently during the night since you can't sleep, have a window seat and have another person assigned to the adjacent seat, you might want to negotiate with them about swapping seats during the night. While the seats are very large and comfy and recline almost...
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    New flex meal menu (10/06/21)

    The little chunks of fat are what makes beef tender, tasty and pleasurable. It's why Prime beef is tastier than Choice. It's why a ribeye steak is tastier than a NY Strip or a filet. Just my personal opinion, your results may vary :>)
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    Denver in early December

    Can't guarantee that there will be no blizzards, etc., but Denver weather is usually less severe than in the mountains. We get over 300 sunny days a year and temps are usually on the mild side for winter - 30s and 40s rather than 10s or 20s. RTD is certainly a good option. For example...
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    Southwest Chief Question

    Looks like there is an Enterprise car rental an easy walk from the Amtrak station. Probably better rates there than at the airport.
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    How well does a pocket radio work in the sleepers?

    You didn't say if you were primarily interested in AM or FM. FM is easier for reception, but of course you will only get very local stations and go out of range fairly quickly. I enjoy AM listening on my Amtrak trips, especially at night when many of the large "clear channel" stations can be...
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    You eat in your room? Why?

    Definitely prefer the dining car, even though I usually travel alone and am an introvert. I'm not very good with idle chit-chat but do enjoy the people watching and listening and learning opportunities that the dining car provides. And I can certainly politely share a table with others for an...
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    Free alcoholic drink included for dinner for sleepers

    Actually, the majority of the common vodka brands these days will be grain of some sort - usually wheat or barley. Potatoes are still often used in USSR and eastern European brands and are also common here. Some of the less expensive products now use corn. And some, the French Ciroc, for...
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    Need Amtrak trip and route planning help. Who should I contact?

    Excuse me for seeing this thread late and admittedly not reading in detail all of the useful info you have already received. But my overall reaction is that you are biting off too much all at once. Your proposed trip is a complex and difficult one, even for many of us on this forum who...
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    CZ CHI to EMY

    If you are into Italian food and culture, spend some time in the North Beach neighborhood. Lots of good restaurants and people watching. Also the City Lights bookstore there is worth a visit.
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    First-time long-distance trip!

    Congratulations on your first trip - I think you will enjoy it. Your plan to maximize your time during the day in the Observation car on the Zephyr is a good one. Very nice place to watch scenery and meet other travelers, and the cafe will be right below you for snacks, etc. Only other thing...
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    California Zephyr in and out of Denver

    Breakfast options on the train when getting off at Denver will be very driven by how late (or possibly early?) the train is. If it were me, I would suggest planning on a VERY good breakfast at Snooze inside Union Station in Denver after you get off the train. By all means, enjoy some...
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    Going to CO from NY via Chicago R/T in Sept 2021

    I have done this and lived to tell the tale. Not in the past 3 years, however.