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    Anonymous rumor/leak regarding new bank for credit card

    Boy.! I remember when you could by almost enough points for a 2 zone trip for around $600+/- (?) and gaining points seemed to be a breeze. w both the Marriott and the chase card. At that time I was waiting for a bankruptcy to clear from a former marriage and couldn't wait to get a boA agr ...
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    Sunset Limited/Texas Eage bridge fires causing service disruptions

    As mentioned above NOTHING stops the freight trains.......for very long anyway. Almost ALL repairs are done amazingly quick. The work done is expected to last forever. imo The repair/construction work exceeds most if not all building codes.
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    How reliable - or not - is Greyhound?

    Here's a Greyhound story that is a fact. In 2008 in Manitoba? Canada a passenger beheaded another passenger and tried to eat the guy.! He finally came off the bus carrying the guys head. He spent a year in psch/evaluation and was released back out into the public. YIKES!!! to the o.p. the...
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    Calif Zephyr sleeper car question

    I am an all day coffee drinker. Amtrak coffee is pretty weak and coffee service varies wildly from SCA to SCA. Coffee wasn't even available in sleeping car my last trip Feb 2021. I found a great way to have my coffee and drink it too ;) I found a very slim and compact coffee maker that uses...
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    2022-2023 AGR Card

    I got my select plus email today, but I haven't ridden the train in a year now, and 3 yrs before that. I wonder why I got that. smh I do have about 41,000 points though. Is that it?
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    Lounge in Chicago

    Are the concourse restaurants open at CUS particularly gold coast hot dogs. Love those chardogs
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    Well I'll be hanged.! I reckon I glossed right over your post. Excuse me for missing that !:rolleyes:
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    As I read through the post I notice noone complained about the smokers who light up as soon as they have two feet on the ground literally 2' from the door, then take move a little further but not far enough. It really stinks when you try to get off the train for a fresh air break and your hit...
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    #5 Canceled (2/15/21)

    Wow, that sounds like a very harrowing experience but a positive experience at the same time. Glad it all turned out well for you. Thanks for the report and information. Maybe by Monday 2/22 it will be straightened out. I will be flying into ORD to make the trip out of CHI
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    #5 Canceled (2/15/21)

    Also I booked through an agent so I got guaranteed connx.
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    #5 Canceled (2/15/21)

    I was just checking train status on for train #5 was supposed to lv Monday 2/15/21 I got Train Canceled message. Any one know why? I am thinking this freak snowstorm, but trains operate when other modes of transportation can't. Other than train being canceled(obviously) what did that mean for...
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    When in Sacramento

    Sorry I lost track of this thread. I think Davis will be a nice stopover and more interesting esp. since train museum is closed. Thanks for all the replies, help and suggestions. All r appreciated
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    When in Sacramento

    Thank you for that very helpful information. It sounds like I might take the chance and see Martinez esp since the museum will probably be closed, and your tip on riding through to Martinez was a great time saving idea! Can't wait to see the mountains and all the snow. I love the planning part...
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    When in Sacramento

    I've got a trip from CHI - PDX - CHI coming up in Feb. I'm taking CZ CS to PDX then the EB back to Chicago. I've got that layover in SAC. Has anyone been through there lately in the covid era? Are there any restaurants open. I plan on spending some time at the RR museum. Have they made any...
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    Texas Eagle ~ a puzzle

    Wow.! Twentieth Century, you just made my day alot brighter. I grew up in Arlington, TX. The old Mo-Pac line was about 125 yards from my back door. We spent a lot of time running up and down the trails we had made. A train crew would come down from the B-O-P yard (Buick,Oldsmobile and Pontiac or...