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    California Zephyr

    Thank for the replies and the kewl traffic cams. Looks like it's time to start planning another trip ;)
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    California Zephyr

    Is the Zephyr back to it's original route from Denver to Emeryville. I mean the route it has been running in the recent past before the flood washed out the tracks in the Rockies. And if anyone has travelled it lately is there a lot of snow to see from the train? Thanks in advance
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    Where should I go

    Thanks all, billthebarn, that is a great suggestion, I just finished getting it all booked. Now I am ready to go. I just realized they booked me on #91 got to try to change that to#97 and spend some time in DC. Thanks for your suggestions. I am so so sorry for all of those who have lost their...
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    Where should I go

    Thanks all. We spent her birthday trip last year in San Diego, overnighted in Los Angeles and got to watch fireworks on the fourth from the Metro Plaza Hotel in LA. and made it back to CHI in time to spend her real bday on the Navy Pier. Dave, thanks but I meant warm sunny beach. SBA might be...
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    Where should I go

    I want to take a 2 zone award trip from FTW to ???? in the next week or two. I just lost my wife last month to breast cancer and I have to get out of this empty lonely house. I want to maximize train time and end up in a pedestrian friendly town as this is a budget trip and I won't be renting a...
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    Where are the sleeper cars on the west coast?

    If you aren't already near San Francisco, planning your trip starting from LAUS is much better IMO because of more daylight hours and getting to run along the coast before turning inland at EMY. If you and your spouse join AGR and buy points under the current promotion you might be able to...
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    Fort Worth Amtrak Station

    And it also runs to the above mentioned Stockyards where you can still see the daily cattle drive at 1pm(?) everyday. Due to recent budget cuts that didn't affect Molly it is still priced right. FREE
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    Individual Guidelines for Booking a sleeper?

    As a graduate of the_travelers school of AGR point accumalation, all my trips are to maximize point redemption, so naturally sleepers(roomettes now since they've raised the redemption rate) are my choice. Like TVRM610 I enjoy my coffee, meals in the diner and other sleeper perks. We have taken...
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    AGR birthday poimts

    Has anyone received bonus points from AGR for their birthday lately? I remember getting something like 500 or 1000 points as a birthday bonus from AGR a couple of years ago, but nothing lately :mellow: What gives?
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    Red Cap vs. Kindergarten Walk LAX and CHI

    Have you ever seen a UP coal train? Alot more than twelve cars.
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    Spring 2013 Double Days Are Here!

    You are thinking of the summer well spent promotion. no?
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    Sleeper tipping

    $5. a night per person is a good starting point for an ok SCA to be adjusted upward as the quality of service goes upward. I o not feel remorseful for not tipping at all for poor service. I do not consider turning down the beds good service, that is part of the job.The things that make me want...
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    starpoints up to 25% off through april

    Thanks for keeping us up on that. I had to buy some last year during the 20% you told us about. Yes the points are expensive but on a 1:1 exchange ratio. And the trips I redeem for I still get a great bang for the buck.
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    Making connections to SWC in Missouri

    That sounds like a fun trip. Please let us know how it goes, and what you find there. I may do a trip like that too :)
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    Meals on Acela

    We will be leaving NYP @1:03 pm to BOS and will hopefully be able to use an upgrade coupon provided by another member. (thanks Steve) and thanks for the replies