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    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    I think the biggest problem with routing either the LSL or Cap through Detroit is it would add about 4 hours to the total travel time either way. Westbound, lose an hour+ TOL-DET (Dearborn?), and then approximately follow train #351's schedule to Chicago with its 7 stops and single track vs 3...
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    Amtrak employee meals

    As a DP manager in my early thirties before I went back to being a techie, and confirmed by my now ex-wife 10 years later as she was a middle manager at a regional bank at the time... It's all about a 'range' of monthly pay for each pay grade within the company (think military pay grades based...
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    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    The blanket was not as heavy in weight as the old woven ones, but I think it was somewhat warmer. Perhaps it's a lightweight 'foam' with a slightly fuzzy cotton (or ?) covering on each side. I'm a 'heavy blanket' person and keep a couple of all wool surplus Army blankets on my bed in...
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    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    As promised, here's the writeup of my trip last night on #67 in roomette #2... A person on another forum indicated he was planning to ride the restored sleeper on #67 BOS-WAS on the thirteenth, so I figured it would be a good time for me to 'get back into training' since the start of Covid. I...
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    Lake Shore Limited - which type of business class car is used?

    If I recall, during the summer when the LSL went to GCT rather than NYP account the bridge at Spuyten Duyvil was temporarily removed to be repaired, Amtrak ran a 'stub' train BOS-ALB with cross-platform transfer for all passengers. The stub train ran with 2 coaches and a cafe. The sleeper was...
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    LSL, ALB to CHI best side of train end of May.

    The end of May is only 3 weeks shy of the longest day of the year. Throw in daylight saving time, it should be daylight until somewhere around Utica. I've always enjoyed watching the Mohawk River (left side, westbound) versus a couple glimpses of Lake Erie and later, Lake Michigan as we...
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    New Amtrak survey email yesterday

    I got mine and answered it yesterday. Then I got another one today. Maybe they're checking to verify 'consistency' to make sure I've responded how I really feel. I trashed todays' without responding.
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    Figuring out how far to ride the eastbound Cardinal

    Pre Covid, I'd be on the Cardinal a couple times per year. I considered doing an overnight at Charlottesville and checked out the hotels near the station, but have yet to do it. However, I've done the BWI hotels several times, primarily to avoid the over-priced hotels in the WAS area...
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    First NEC Sleeper Journey - A Huge Letdown

    Unless things have changed since Covid, every time I've ridden #448/449 ALB-SPG or BOS-SPG (I live in the Springfield area), there's been both a conductor and an assistant conductor to handle 'all those passengers' in the 2 coaches. Maybe they've cut back due to low passenger counts? I don't...
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    Amtrak 66

    Pre-Covid, I was a couple-times-per-year visitor to the BOS lounge and never had any problems with their Wifi. There's VERY FEW passengers in the lounge that is larger than that in WAS. I always found a seat at a table to plug in my laptop and access the web, email, etc and nary another...
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    Stressful on-board announcements

    Don't ride train 66 WAS to NYP! Full volume announcements, consistently less than 10 minutes apart, repeated by assistant conductor. Repeated more frequently approaching next stop. Throw in lights on full brightness....10PM-2AM give or take! Try sleeping through THAT!
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    Comparing Amtrak B/R fare to First Class Air Fare

    1) A sucker is born every minute. Some fool will pay the exorbitant sleeper fares. 2) Priced at 'what the market will bear'. When you have the only game in town (private room, facilities, beds), you can charge whatever someone is willing to pay. 3) If the prices don't succeed in killing...
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    1 hr connection possible?

    Although I've made the 1/14 11/2 connection in LAX perhaps 20 times or more, 2 years ago, on a 3+ hour late #11, they got me off at Martinez, train down to Bakersfield, then 2 hr bus ride to LAX so I could make #2. Turned out that #11 made up time and arrived 20 minutes before #2 scheduled...
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    Im Riding the Eagles after a Year!

    After reading about someone on another site booking a trip to 'try out' the restored Night Owl/Twilight Shorliner/65-66-67 sleeper as their first Amtrak trip since Covid, I decided to do the same and booked the same trip in mid-April as he posted his itinerary. I was stunned to find that the...