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    The pre Euro Tunnel train to Paris...

    Strictly freight cars. There were nice passenger accommodations and staterooms on most of them, though. I don't know if the ferries of the Mackinac Transportation Co. ever carried sleeping cars. They didn't in the 1910 and 1945 Official Guides I checked. Sleeping cars directly connected with...
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    What do you mean by "freight train standards?" Was superelevation reduced? As far as I know CSX restored it to the condition it was in before (Class 4: 60 MPH freight/79 MPH passenger).
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    Train speed.......historically speaking?

    One can't generalize that track was in better shape before Amtrak. The Penn Central, where most of Amtrak's business was, had marginally worse to a lot worse track compared with its lines that survive to today and are still used by Amtrak. FRA track standards didn't exist before the early '70s...
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    Is the Wolverine getting new coach cars?

    MDOT has owned from Townline (Dearborn) to Kalamazoo since Dec. 2012. This includes all yard tracks and spurs. The closest Amtrak yard tracks to New Buffalo are in Michigan City.
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    Could we ask compensation for lack of SSL?

    People imagining that an arbitrator can get them money for lack of a SSL need to read this relevant language from a current ticket envelope, which I guarantee is also somewhere on the web site. It's quite impressive and thoroughly airtight, including up to and beyond the sun exploding...
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    No, it's not true. After the Feb. 2009 Colgan Air crash, 5 people have died in crashes aboard regularly scheduled commercial (non-sightseeing, non-charter) flights in the US. In the same period with Amtrak through this Montana crash (assuming the 3 killed figure holds), 21 people aboard have...
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    Shooting in train or on platform at Chicago Union Station (08/24/21)

    Press releases, though often useful, aren't news, they're controlled public relations. Sadly, understaffed media rely on them too much these days, glad that's not the case here.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    With regards to the classic buildings of the six big stations in Chicago, everything is gone except for Union Station's headhouse, and Dearborn.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    Labeling the Detroit location as an "awful neighborhood" is lazy and inaccurate. It's has too many parking ramps/lots and could use more foot traffic, but I'm not afraid to walk around there. The depot is 650 feet from Wayne State's Integrative Biosciences Center and less than 600 feet from the...
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    Nostalgic and Historic Amtrak Stations Still Used Today

    Can't forget Durand, Michigan! 1. taken in 1904, the 1903 depot before it largely burned down in 1905. Note original, more elaborate dormers and slate roof. 2. the abandoned 1974-1979 period, with asphalt roof and dormers removed circa 1965. Note the trailer Amtrak passengers used then and the...
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    Track work bwtween Albion and Jackson MI soon?

    The vast majority of ties on the Amtrak Michigan Line are wood, and that includes the sections that have been good for 110 MPH as far back as 2012.
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    Wastewater from trains: where does it go?

    I've seen bathroom sink water drain out of Horizon cars, possibly Amfleet too, lots of times.
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    Dedicated Passenger Track in the Windsor - Quebec Corridor

    "Explore opportunities," that's an exquisitely non-specific, non-committed way to phrase it. Probably the same person writing the press releases for VIA and Amtrak.
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    Dedicated Passenger Track in the Windsor - Quebec Corridor

    This thread's title should be changed, it hasn't been about the Windsor line in quite a while.
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    Amtrak needs to build or encourage the freights to build 2nd track or longer/more sidings in typical freight congestion areas.

    From Berea, OH (12 miles west of Cleveland) to Chicago pre-1950s, about 62% of the mainline was less than four tracks. It looks like the vast majority east of there to New York was four tracks. West of Berea there were roughly 146 miles of double track in eight segments. The longest of these...