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    Traveling to Glacier National Park - can we pack Bear Spray?

    I will say that I've taken bear spray in and out of trains and even to and from Canada without anyone looking it over (and Customs coming in to the US usually looks things over thoroughly). It was this product: https://www.rei.com/product/154930/counter-assault-bear-deterrent-spray-81-fl-oz-2019...
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    San Joaquins to cancel Morning Express, look at skip-stop train

    Schedule date change is officially May 6. Back to more or less the 2017 schedule (with a few tweaks to maximize train meets on double track), and Morning Express is on "hiatus" until Sacramento gets four trains, and they feel Morning Express would do better on the alignment that stops at Midtown. 
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    San Joaquins to cancel Morning Express, look at skip-stop train

    https://sjjpa.com/wp-content/uploads/SJJPA-Board-Packet-January-25-Web-Version-3.pdf After nearly eight months in operation, ridership on the Morning Express Train (701) remains very low and current trends suggest it is not likely to increase. Low ridership on the Morning Express Train has...
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    SAC Station

    Downtown Commons is open later even on non-game nights now. They still have the Macy's as well. Yard House will always stay open late. https://www.docosacramento.com/directory/#restaurant/
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    Service Disruption on Empire Builder

    Unless you had other plans in your destination in which case you should try to get them to spring for a flight to your destination.
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    Empire Builder Timekeeping Struggles

    More bad luck on the Empire Builder. I was scheduled to take 8 (3) out of Spokane to Minneapolis tomorrow, but I'll just have to fly instead. Luckily Spirit has cheap flights from Los Angeles (I was going to meet up with friends on the train but we'll meet in MSP instead). 8(3) and 7(4) have...
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    San Joaquin Morning Express not doing too well

    They've talked about business class but have to get the market for it. I think you could do half a car with a "modular" business class that would just give you a drink and reserved seating, but no additional pitch. Or if they get the new equipment you could reset the seats to provide some...
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    San Joaquin Morning Express not doing too well

    About 50 passengers on weekdays, half that on weekends. http://sjjpa.com/getattachment/Home/SJJPA-Board-Packet-July-27,-2018-(4).pdf After a strong first day/inaugural event, ridership on the Morning Express began very low, but has seen steady growth over the course of the last two months...
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    Habitual Amtrak ticket Scammer in LA Union station.

    The roped off area at Union Station is supposed to be for passengers only though and depending on the diligence of the security guard, they will check, although it is usually triggered by someone who looks like they don't have enough train fare. But if they are bugging people at the standing...
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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Although the press release clearly states that sleeper car passengers will have their food comped, it seems some in Amtrak didn't get the memo, or this may be telegraphing future changes. https://www.politico.com/newsletters/morning-transportation/2018/05/07/chaos-asian-media-blitz-205562 BUT...
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    San Joaquin draft business plan for FY 2018-19

    Looks like all trains are unreserved as of Monday. This articles says buses but they still show as "reserved Thruway" on the Amtrak web site. https://thebusinessjournal.com/amtrak-san-joaquin-changes-fare-policies/
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    Tehachapi Detour!

    Tehachapi is something that is fairly but not extremely rare. It seems to come about as often as an Olympic games or lunar eclipse - every few years. It used to much rarer and could become more rare in the future if Anderson has his way.
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    San Joaquin draft business plan for FY 2018-19

    Since last week the trains have been single bucket. It will go unreserved next month, although the May 7 schedule still shows all trains as reserved.
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    Kansas City to San Diego thru Fullerton rather than thru Los Angeles?

    Unless you go during Del Mar opening weekend, Comic-Con, or the Thanksgiving holiday, when the Surfliner is reserved, but those dates are usually announced well in advance.
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    Back to the Buckets: Amtrak's bizarre pricing

    Interestingly the San Joaquin JPA staff has recommended to the board to eliminate the bucket pricing on that line and go to a fixed fare, unreserved tickets like the other California trains. They stated that 90% of tickets were sold at the lowest bucket and the grief received when tickets were...