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    Hurricane Dorian (2019)

    I am a cruise ship that is to return to Mia on Monday. Plan was to fly to Jax where my car is. Doesn’t look like that will happen. If coast guard closes FL Ports we may end up in Mobile. Life is getting interesting. Just glad I am now on the ship and not one of the 2000 people hoping to...
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    Mini-Marts Near Tampa Station

    There is nothing at the Amtrak station.  Not even taxis.  When we debarked the Ambus there we called taxis but they never came.  We finally called our hotel and they connected us with an inexpensive shuttle they used.  EM
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    Amtrak Train Separates Outside of Albany, NY (11/21)

    So the train really was already stopping when this fellow pulled the lever?
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    Cruising (Ocean and River)

    I have taken many ocean cruises, starting back in 1972/73 and then a break until 1999.  We love the ambiance of a cruise ship, but we don't travel in luxury.  Just moving from one place to another and having our meals catered is luxury enough.  I also belong to that very large cruising website...
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    Is Amtrak getting stricter with the carry on policy?

    Weelll...let me jump in here.  Last Feb. we were in Jesup, GA (unstaffed station) picking my niece off of the Meteor.  There was an elderly man there with a host of baggage.  A large suitcase, a couple of small suitcases, multiple totes and even a large paper trash bag.  I think his family was...
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    Savannah station parking (safe?)

    I've left my car there for a day trip to Fayetteville and back several times. It's not a bad part of town...but it really isn't part of town. It's in the sticks. Totally industrial area. CJ
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    First trip ???'s

    Bedrooms are only on one side of the sleeper car. CJ
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    W Palm Beach Safety Patrol Trains 2018?

    It was on an odd time today, too. Scheduled into Jesup @ 8:48pm, instead of 6:29pm. CJ
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    91(5) and 53(5) Delays.

    My sister just talked with my niece...She got on in Jesup, (98/5) and at the first stop (Savannah) they took a man off...drunk and disorderly? She thinks he may have got on in Jesup. Then they had hot brakes...CJ
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    91(5) and 53(5) Delays.

    My niece is on 98 (5/6) and they lost three hours between Rocky Mt. and Petersburg...CJ
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    98 Silver Meteor Derails in SAV (1/3/18)

    I always get my directions turned around in that station. But I have a few questions. When the train overshot the station, was it on the main line, the double tracks up behind the station? To overshoot and back into the station, it would have had to use the switch that is used by the...
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    98 Silver Meteor Derails in SAV (1/3/18)

    Looking at Track a Train, it was 97. CJ
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    98 Silver Meteor Derails in SAV (1/3/18)

    We had to go to SAV to see a doctor, and stopped by the station. 98 was there, they were loading the cranes onto their trucks, and 98 left heading south at 2:25pm. Well, I have to retrace my tongue. There was a train in station at Savannah with sleepers and a diner, and a baggage car plus the...
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    Amfleet II vs Amfleet I seating

    The Palmetto to/from Savannah shares the same consist as the Pennsylvanian. If you are not going the full distance, or most of it, they will point you to the A1 car. I learned the hard way, boarding in Sav, start of the route, going r/t Fayetteville. Just a joy ride. They send you to the A1...
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    Gps. iPad

    On my ipad mini I have elevation app; I have notbeen able to get motionx to work for me. CJ