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    Passenger mistaking someone else's room for theirs

    Definitely some missing pieces of information here, enough to make the claim hard to swallow, as is.
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    PDF Ticket

    Like the others, I get mine instantly, often while I'm still on the phone with the agent. You can also see it in the Amtrak app, though the room number lately hasn't been there.
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    Cardinal Sleeper Car luggage space

    Neither is loading the shower with bags or trash. I look for the attendant, but if he isn't there, the hall is where it goes. Complaints can go to him.
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    Cardinal Sleeper Car luggage space

    In that scenario, vestibule or hallway.
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    Cardinal Sleeper Car luggage space

    If I don't see the attendant in the vicinity, I just place the obstacles in his room. No one has complained yet.
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    Amtrak Dining

    I was I was on 281 last month from New York to Utica, and certainly got lunch from the cafe car, and that was prior to stopping in Albany.
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    Room Number on app?

    I was recently on four different trains, and observed that. I took a screenshot of the pdf for easy reference. I also had a printed copy of the ticket.
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    WiFi on longer routes

    Two weeks ago I had almost no problems on the Crescent, Empire Service, and Lake Shore Limited, all viewliners. The Capitol Limited, a super liner, had no WiFi.
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    Atlanta losing checked baggage service?

    I’ll have to disagree. The road, including the sidewalk, is quite steep, so that definitely wouldn’t work. The sidewalk is a very standard width, and could never handle then number of people that typically crowd around the baggage return. There also would be a risk of people stepping into the...
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    Atlanta losing checked baggage service?

    OK, I finally get to add my experience with the current Atlanta baggage situation. Over the past several days, I’ve twice started a post, but both times was waylaid before I completed the post. As I write this, I’m currently sitting in the Club Acela (that’s what the sign still says) in...
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    Atlanta losing checked baggage service?

    That’s incorrect. There is a freight elevator in the station, not visible from the waiting room. That is what is normally used to bring the luggage cart down to the platform.
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    Tropical Weather on Train Travel

    You won’t. They won’t stop a train mid route, when a hurricane is still a day or two away. They cancel scheduled trains at that point.
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    Utica, NY station

    Thanks, everyone!
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    Utica, NY station

    I am going from NYP to Utica soon, my first time in Utica. Upon arrival in the afternoon I will be taking a cab to Cooperstown. The next evening I will be leaving Utica for Chicago on the Lake Shore Limited. Any hints about the Utica Station, or getting a cab or Uber there? Thanks.