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    Changes to check in times (Auto Train) ?

    Heck, it was 2:30 twenty years ago, when I took my first AutoTrain ride.
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    Triweekly service will be overshadowed by drop in revenue

    Sorry, but you don't seem very well-informed on the current state of rail affairs. The State of Georgia has long had zero interest in purchasing any rail yards, or in supporting regional passenger routes. This is true of the current legislature and governor, as well as their predecessors. And...
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Highly unlikely, I'm sorry to say.
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    Closure of NYP (1am to 5am)

    Will be arriving and departing from NYP this weekend. Between the subject of this thread and the virus, what should I expect? How about Club Acela?
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    The emphasis on the young jet set is entirely a product of the post-Hilton era. Hip-hoppers and Victoria’s Secret have functions there now. The Hilton era focused more on large conventions and tourists, the latter both domestic and foreign. It’s working well for them, but that’s not what the...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    I worked at the Fontainebleau for many years while it was a Hilton. I was the unofficial staff historian, so I was conversant about the hotel and Miami Beach, during the glory days of the fifties and sixties, the decline in the seventies, and rebirth in the eighties and nineties. I left Miami in...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Ok, so you don’t approve. So what else? Let’s return to discussing Amtrak, shall we?
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    How and when does Amtrak decide to add cars to a route?

    What is the source for the ten percent figure?
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    I would agree. Not being a middle school student anymore, I don’t see the need for multiple exclamation points in any post.
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    Crescent dining

    Read the many, many threads on this subject.
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    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    I clicked on the link and immediately saw the article.
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    Vermonter questions

    Wife and I took the Vermonter this summer. We were in business class both ways, which was the last car. It is part of the lounge car, with seats aft of the snack bar.
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    South Florida turnaround stop

    Definitely not Miami.
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    Cardinal Checked Baggage - First-Timer

    I would just check one suitcase from Baltimore to Emeryville. This way you don’t need to retrieve it in Chicago, or worry about it at all. Take what you need aboard the train and for the night in Chicago in the one bag, and pick up the other when you arrive. I’ve done that lots of times when...
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    steamed mussels

    Had them on the Crescent the day before yesterday. Great. Rolls to dip in the juice.