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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022)

    I could only get a bus transport from Seattle to Vanc. BC. IS Amtrak not going to Vanc. BC from US. IS this temporary? Thanks in advance
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    Radio stations along Texas Eagle route

    perfect. you're the man, as usual on this thread.
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    Radio stations along Texas Eagle route

    Has anyone ever compiled a list of radio stations along the Texas Eagle route? I imagine there are a lot of areas without WiFi on the route and might be good to tune into to radio while watching the scenery go by. I guess you could just scan the stations and wait for something with good reception
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    Pacific Surfliner website (

    So there are more local/state sites. I found a 25% off on Amtrak cascades separate website. Are there other state sites for Amtrak in the Midwest/ South/ etc.?
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    Pacific Surfliner website (

    I saw this website that did not look to be under Amtrak. It offered a better discount for the Pac Surfliner too. Is there a website like this for other routes like Coast Starlight, Empire builder, etc. ?
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    "Earn 5X Points this Holiday Season"

    I just got this special bonus of 4,000 pts, but don't know what it is for. I remember there was something about 11 miles per dollar spent from early December to December 28th. I spent Bout $700 in that time. Does anyone know what this bonus might be?
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    Amtrak Credit Card benefits

    Thanks USPS investigated and documented delivery.
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    Amtrak Credit Card benefits

    The shipper denied responsibility because USPS had documented delivery to my home mailbox. So shipper is out of the responsibility loop in this case. I don't know about other cards or shippers.
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    Amtrak Credit Card benefits

    Thanks, not my situation. Private mailbox in front of my house. Never had anything expensive go missing before. Very interesting story of AMZ and USPS interface and apartment Superintendant. sounds like a deep dark hole.
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    What's it like nowadays? Coach & Sleeper?

    I've been planning some trips and saw the price go up if I repeated the search for that specific trip. Looks like they adopted the old airplane reservation scam to get you to buy the first time you see a posted price. I don't know if that higher price stays for you or not. Only companies like...
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    Amtrak Credit Card benefits

    FYI I just found out that the Amtrak Mastercard Platinum does NOT protect against shipping claims which means if a package is lost or stolen in transit and carrier in my case USPS documented delivery to my mailbox there is no insurance coverage. Apparently, other credit cards provide this...
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    Sleeping in Coach/Business

    I'm planning a 24 hr. trip in May from PDX to Santa Baraba. I will take sleeper down but was thinking of seeing what sleeping in coach was like on way back? Should I take a blanket and pillow? Is it worth 50$ extra to try Business? Any chance that I could buy a meal in dining car? Thank you...
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    Los Angeles layover

    What is a reasonably inexpensive and safe hotel to layover in Los Angeles near the train station?
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    SW Chief vs Texas Eagle

    I am traveling from Portland Oregon to Chicago in April 2021 via Coast Starlight/Los Angeles and connecting ( hopefully 45 min layover) with Texas Eagle to Chicago in a roomette. Any comments/ suggestions about Texas Eagle? Do they not have a dining car from S Antonio to Chicago? Is there no...
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    Allianz not paying for trip continuation due to trestle fire damage

    I filed online with Allianz, but the claim was closed on the website immediately, so had to call to confirm whether they got the receipts I uploaded online, and they couldn't find them. It went downhill from there. Amtrak gave a total refund in the first week afterward.