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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    This guy for sure know the stuff! Good interview.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    1.New York Penn, 2.Philadephia 30th St. Basically major stations with underground platforms and tracks but not having tall, spacious, stadium like headrooms. Not to mention artistic ceilings and walls. Check out those subway stations in Moscow.
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    London to Glasgow Caledonian Sleeper Train

    Yes in a perfect world. Still, even such a similar service established, say from SAN to SFO, I doubt a bedroom ticket would go less than $200. It'll be a blessing if a roommatte priced regularly at $200 and a bedroom does not hit $400. (Unless Amtrak is able to come up with 10 sleeper cars in a...
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    London to Glasgow Caledonian Sleeper Train

    Found two interesting Caledonian Sleeper Train travel vlog/reviews. Most modernist sleeper train I've ever seen. Interior style I think is close to Marriott Springhill suite. Receptionist welcomes you at the platform. You get your key card for your room when checking in from station. Feel...
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    Rising like, uh, Phoenix?

    if Phoenix - Tucson is easily doable, can’t Phoenix - LA train go through the same route from Phoenix to Pichaco Junction, then join back to current Maricopa route?
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    Coast Starlight update

    Attached latest service update. Feel sorry for those who booked sleepers. Should be a good opportunity to push back 12 hours on schedule and make them 2 sleepers trains travel overnight.
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    Coast Starlight sleeper status during bus bridge

    you know you can make cheap international phone calls from Skype or google voice.
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    Coast Starlight sleeper status during bus bridge

    You call Amtrak CS after your trip and they would issue you a refund on voucher.
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Yes I'm aware of the statement. I was not saying you're wrong. My statement is a simple mathematical summary / complement on top of yours.
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Total of 2 people in a roomettes is usually 1/3 higher than traveling solo.
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    No business would reimburse travel cost that constantly goes 1~2 grand. Especially last minute price, which is the reason that "train travel in general is so out of the public consciousness". Expend every consist to at least 10 sleepers and put ticket price in reasonable range (I would...
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    Normally $5-$10 per night depends on if I like the attendant and/or service provided. There was one time on Auto Train, we felt being ignored and managed to put off the bedding and reset the seating in bedroom by ourself so gave zero tip. If I see our attendant frequently clean restrooms...
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Hmm. Might just be available in metropolitan area. I was able to reserve it and got a Ford Transit Van during the past Memorial Day weekend at Denver downtown location for $26 (with hotel discount). Also reserved and got it on on some weekends at 2 different locations in Tucson, AZ
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    Sold out rooms/ Insane high fare buckets

    Hertz has $29 a day cargo van across all non-airport locations. You just have to reserve early and show up early in the morning coz they are like hot cakes
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    Amtrak #5, a deer about to be hit, an airplane flew overhead, Moffat Tunnel

    They seem equally likely to be victims of Nature as well. Favorite meal of all kinds of prey in Africa, lions, hyenas, crocadile, komodo dragon, etc. Most of the time they are torn apart alive. Feel so sad for them.