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    FAA and Congress apparently do not trust Boeing anymore

    😱 Such a corporate move is idiotic. Give whomever a buyout package and get the heck out of the company!
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    Did Amtrak remove the bathrooms from the Viewliner train roomettes?

    You too! I am OK until the bed is made set up, but, then, it's awkward.
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    I remember that. That accident is what has prompted that thought in the back of my mind on every Amtrak that I have taken since then. And, now, even not on that train, once again.
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    Round trip CHI-MSP. Departing 9/25 return 9/26

    😃 I like your comment! I agree. Well prepared just a bit of butter and syrup (Maple preferred) is all that is needed. Add some fruit once in awhile is OK for me, but whipped cream (that is not even really whipped cream), No. I have not yet had this sandwich, but it's descriptions and the...
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    Lots of interesting discussion about what might have caused this, the forces involved with a train going 79 mph at the time of the accident, and which cars were involved. But, not much discussion about what the passengers in those cars that turned on their side must have experienced. I have...
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    Canadian New Years Eve…what can I expect?

    I have had that type of old style Roomette when Amtrak and PRR had them. I think they are more roomy than the current Roomettes and their was no odor issues from the toilet. A disadvantage, though, is if one needs to use the toilet during the night, you must put the bed back into the wall in...
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    Many years ago on PRR, Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, my Mother and I shared a lower bed in a Section; two windows separated by a narrow mirror. The Pullman was an old one. Rain during the night and must have been hard enough that their was rain water leaking around the edge of one of the windows...
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    Amtrak Dining

    That would be a very poor use of the new dining cars in my opinion.
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    Raining in Seattle when the Empire Builder departed for Chicago on a chilly January afternoon. Shortly after turning East and heading into the Cascades the rain changed into a heavy snow fall. That continued throughout the night. The next morning, it was a winter wonderland outside my...
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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    While traveling on the Eastbound Empire Builder from Seattle, a North Dakota oil field worker was returning to work after his vacation. We had dinner together and we talked about his job, its pluses and minuses. The major plus was his paycheck. But, there were lots of minuses: long work...
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    When traveling in a bedroom, do you have your SCA fold up the bed each morning?

    That is what I do as well. They are trained to do it and, besides, it's part of the service for which I am paying.
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    Passenger mistaking someone else's room for theirs

    This "lady" sounds like a jerk.
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    Morning Paper in sleepers?

    Once upon a time, when one flew, the flight attendants would offer a choice of papers. That's been quite awhile ago. Amtrak isn't the only carrier that has experienced cutbacks.
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    Entertainment on the train

    On one flight, my plane was landing at ORD while another plane was landing on a parallel runway. That was quite a sight for me!
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    UK's Boris Johnson takes Amtrak to Meet President at White House

    Thanks for posting this. Amtrak is a safe ride for the British PM, but not POTUS. Hmmm. (I do wish someone would buy PM Johnson a comb. 😀)