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  1. Dan O

    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    I am using mine the same as before, maybe a bit more since I have used instacart and made other online purchases a bit more than previously. I hope the pandemic is over next year so I can use some of those points.
  2. Dan O

    Freight trains through Beaumont CA

    Well, in 90 minutes one freight train passed and one set of a pair of engines that had been parked own the track about 1/4 from where I was. Not much excitement but better than nothing.
  3. Dan O

    Freight trains through Beaumont CA

    We are locked down for a bit more in CA but hoping to be set somewhat free soon. If we can go someplace other than the store, doctor, etc we may consider going to watch trains in Beaumont/Banning area for a bit. It seems like a lot of trains run there during daylight. I know the Sunset Limited...
  4. Dan O

    Viewliner sleeper bathrooms

    Do the Lake Shore Limited sleeper cars have bathrooms other than in the room? Thanks
  5. Dan O

    Train Jam 2020

    Other than crew changes, would this train stop anyplace else?
  6. Dan O

    The Curious Case of Stobe the Hobo

    If you watched many of his videos, you may see he didn't have a lot of love for rail fans, afraid that they would call in and report him. I am not that much of a railfan and certainly not a train hopper to know if there is an adversarial relationship or not.
  7. Dan O

    The Curious Case of Stobe the Hobo

    I have enjoyed his videos over the past year or so. I watch several in a short period and then come back and watch some others later. He doesn't strike me as what I think of as a hobo, with service in the Coast Guard and a 4 year music degree. His mom, Mary, had quite a life herself and most...
  8. Dan O

    BOA AGR MC Hack!!

    I had two changes in one year. Have had about 4 since the change from Chase.
  9. Dan O

    Saw this recently (FRA Office of Safety car)

    While driving in WY just off I-80. Last car "Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety"
  10. Dan O

    Southwest Chief #4 Service Disruption

    Felt it like rolling on a boat for about 20 seconds 150 miles from Ridgecrest.
  11. Dan O

    Best line I've heard on an Amtrak train

    When we got to Albuquerque on the Southwest Chief, we got off to walk around a bit. . We got off at Albuquerque and walked around some. My seatmate (not with us but assigned that seat) ran into us near the train and said, "Oh my gosh I am glad you are here. I thought maybe I had missed my stop."...
  12. Dan O

    Maricopa to Williams, AZ

    With a good amount of time and a rental car, one could also drive to the North Rim and see the spectacular views from Point Imperial and Cape Royal. Point Imperial is the highest point on the rim at 8800 feet and one can see the Painted Desert, Vermilion cliffs, the Grand Canyon of course, the...
  13. Dan O

    NY Times Magazine Article

    I was able to read all of it. Interesting but it didn't sound like the writer will be riding Amtrak again too soon.
  14. Dan O

    14 is all kinds of late today (1/17/19)

    Started an hour late but by the time it left Van Nuys it was over 6.5 hours late. It's now 7 hours late.  Any idea on what went wrong?