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    Empire Builder discussion

    Empire 8 running late because the train arriving from Chicago (7 departed 3/8) was 5 hours late and they need to clean it up for turn around.
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    Empire Builder discussion

    Usually at Spokane in middle of night, hooks up with Portland route that has observation/cafe car.
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Are there days of the week or days in advance of trip that have lower fares? or is it random like rolling dice?
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    Advice for planning an Empire Builder trip

    I suggest not making your airline tickets very close to 'expected' departure and arrival rimes. The last few times I have been on the route, there has been a delay for a few hours somewhere.
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    Amtrak Cascades expansion to new corridors

    I have seen the Cascades north of Everett on the way to Canada a few times and it seems smaller than a couple years ago. A locomotive on each end and 3 cars in the middle - on 5 total.
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    ugh, my BofA card was just used for an attempted charge on WalMart website for shipping to someone on other side of country. BofA has put a hold on my card and I talked to someone and they are going to send me another card. I asked why, as the entire Amtrak Rewards porfolio is being transferred...
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    AGR Credit Card change (October 2022)

    I read my amtrak letter/packet and my BofA stuff. It says all accounts will be transeferred (unless they are not). I am curious about my balance transfers I recently put on my BofA card -> zero percent interest until May. I now know why BofA have been trying to get me started with another...
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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    A Seattle television station reported today the run from Seattle to Vancouver BC will start in September. I do not see it on schedule yet.
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    Resumption of Amtrak service to Canada (2022-2023)

    When the Skagit River bridge collapsed shutting southbound I-5 in 2013, they added service. Rail News - Amtrak to add Cascades trip in response to bridge collapse over Skagit River. For Railroad Career Professionals
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    Empire Builder disruption due to freight derailment (5/1/22)

    Have they ever just cancelled mid-route and put people on next days train when it gets there?
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    Superliner Trans-Dorm roomettes

    I was in room #18 last month with a BidUp success from MSP to EVR. It was closer to the locomotives, next car back a sleeper and next car back the dining car. I was the only one in the 10 roomettes on top floor before stairs going down. The hall was in the middle of the car and there was a...
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    Bid Up?

    I had roomette 18 and was in employee/transition car upper level. I was on second floor near sleeper car, behind that was dining car. My nearest bathroom on the car was on upper floor near center and stairs. As far as I could tell, there were 9 empty roomettes on my side of the restroom. Only...
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    Bid Up?

    Just got notified my BidUp was successful, 37 hours before departure 👍
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    Bid Up?

    Nine days ago I bought a coach ticket from MSP to EVR for $142 on Sunday 3/27. The lowest roomette at the time was $886 or 28xxx points. I put in a BidUp to roomette for $300 more which was not quite the lowest. I checked yesterday and the lowest coach was near $200 but a roomette for $486. I...
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    Assigned seats on the train?

    it could be related to helping to make sure you get off where you are supposed to, especially for long distance and in middle of night.