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    Texas Eagle move to TRE

    This is actually part of a bigger rail deal ...
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    so Sleeper still gets nothing

    new points scheme out ... and Sleeper travel get nothing extra. Why . . .
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    Door stuck open

    come on Jim .. this might be something to report, but to demand or expect a travel voucher ? come on .....
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    Texas Eagle to Begin Using TRE Route FTW-DAL!!

    Don't know who would pay, but More Platforms ... the only answer.
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    Lower coach fare, but higher roomette...

    A Room upcharge should always drop the Coach fare to the lowest bucket (regardless if it is available to the public or not). It is not as easy as 'refund the coach difference' either. First off, how much is the difference. Second, when is the travel - you could be hit with a penalty % Third...
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    Pizza delivery on the Texas Eagle

    SB ... Lunch would be Dallas or Fort Worth. There is usually enough time in FTW to walk into downtown and eat. But if time is limited ( as in a late arrival ) and you want pizza delivered ... most places do not. of course, you have the usuals of Domino's and Pizza Hut. NB ... Temple...
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    Texas Eagle to Begin Using TRE Route FTW-DAL!!

    amazing this has been going on 5+ years. Now to get the FW Station upgraded -- adding new track and platform story DART Agenda item (#13)
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    22 4 hours late at temple

    So True ...... I still find it funny when an airline passenger, who just arrived at the airport during a thunderstorm, is shocked their flight is delayed.
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    Amtrak is getting Expensive again

    ... and I am sure Losing Money year after year also comes into play.
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    The Greyhound site and schedules. But there are 4 buses daily, so which one is it. Who knows. I want to see how AMTRAK posts this schedule, which they have not that I can find. And I want to hear how AMTRAK says to get from the Bus to Train in Dallas ... And that was what the original...
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    I already had that schedule .. and this really is about what AMTRAK is going to publish about these new stations. So far, nothing.
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    AMTRAK schedules ... I want to see what AMTRAK says about these additions. I also want to see their language on "just walk the 1/3 mile and good luck"
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    Interesting. I find no schedules online or printed. Ideas where those are?
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    stations DAG and MSQ

    ok... when dd AMTRAK add: DAG - Dallas Bus Station (Greyhound) MSQ - Mesquite Bus Station (Greyhound) Can not find them anywhere in a schedule or when trying to book a reservation. Exactly what is the need for the Dallas station .. not at the AMTRAK station, so how do you get from A to B. MSQ...
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    Best time to call for Customer Relations

    People just need to sit back a relax ... really.