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    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    I was too young and my parents never vacationed so I never saw what things were like in the Golden Age of Passenger rail. As a young boy I only recall one train trip from NYC/GCT to Hartford CT on the New Haven and we never left the coach seats during the 3 hour trip. My experience with...
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    Do we really need HSR for LD?

    I doubt if national HSR will ever come. The freight railroads own all of the important ROW's and land so where do the HSR systems fit in? What maybe practical are 90 mph national LD routes and working with the freight railroads on projects for track upgrades. On some LD routes like the...
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    Restoring Service to Southern Montana (NYT Article)

    I would love to see passenger service in Southern Montana restored. That was once the Route of the Amtrak North Coast Hiawatha that was discontinued in the 1980's. IMO, it would be popular as is it would provide the closest stop to Yellowstone National Park. With the current Amtrak leadership I...
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    Marriott food on pre Amtrak Auto Train

    If Amtrak wishes to improve the food service on the Eastern routes they should consider what was previously done on the Cardinal. The menus on that route were similar to what was used on the Amtrak LD system but not having a diner, similar food items were loaded on the train and reheated in a...
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    Amtrak Special for the Inauguration (1/19/2021)

    Yes Biden was a loyal Amtrak rider and it is hoped that the new administration will bring about a positive change in Amtrak but I am not so sure. We have seen a number of changes in the House, Senate and Presidency in the last 25 years and there has been little change in Amtrak. Can anyone...
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    Grand Canyon from Flagstaff?

    Thank you. Will send him a message.
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    Grand Canyon from Flagstaff?

    Planning an August trip to Flagstaff, then we will go see the Grand Canyon but can't figure out how to plan it. The train arrives at 8:32 PM. We can probably get a ride to our hotel via cab or Uber . In the following days we will go to the Grand Canyon either by rail or by car (haven't decided)...
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    Wyndham No Longer in AGR Program

    Just tried to book a Wyndham reservation and went to my profile. Choosing Amtrak Guest Reward points is no longer an option. Still have some airlines in the mix but that's about it.
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    New Amtrak Moynihan train hall at NYP

    As folks who often traveled to Manhattan around the holidays and to regularly visit our son who live in Chelsea we use NJT (We live in NJ) and won't get to use Moynihan Station. Its good that Amtrak customers will have and it was badly needed. As soon as this pandemic panic is over; with...
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    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    Thank you. I do not go on this site daily but I now understand the issue. Amnag really helped many plan trips and its unfortunate that such a valuable resource is missing.
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    Grand Canyon from Flagstaff?

    We are looking at that trip for August 2021 and not sure wheter to take the Grand Canyon train to the Grand Canyon or just stay in Flagstaff and drive up. Also looking into driving to the observation points rather than to take the crowded buses for which there may be a long wait. Got to check...
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    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    Tried using Amsnag today and the links that I had on Amsnag 2.0 were dead. Anyone have success using it?
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    I flew from New York to Boston and returned on Amtrak. Here's why the train blew the plane out of the water during the pandemic.

    I dislike wearing a mask, but I always wear the surgical style when in public. When in a hospital or doctors office, I wear an N95 mask. No one has proven that masks work and no one has proven that they don't work . Erring on the side of caution seems like the best idea right now. As for the...
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    New DOT Secretary?

    I do not believe that any one politician can make any drastic changes to Amtrak policy. Being a government owned corporation there is no lobbyist money available to feed the politicians.
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    On this pesky matter of Privatization

    Some degree of privatization may work but the limiting factor may be competition. There are only six large major railroads operating in the USA........BNSF, Norfolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, CSX and CP. They own most of the interstate tracks. Fact is they have zero interest...