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    What to see AT THE STATION

    Nearby Washington Union Station -- about four blocks away, IIRC, is the National Building Museum, home of DC's best architectural exhibits. The building itself is the greatest attraction, a huge Victorian atrium forested with huge columns of colorful sandstone. You could spend a good hour of...
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    Denver's Ski Train Returns in 2017 (Winter Park)!

    There is no crappy old equipment, Mike, just poorly maintained equipment that's the problem. The older single-level cars would seem to be better suited to handle bundled-up, ski-booted riders, plus picnic coolers and gear. The old Union Station neighborhood, before it became LoDo, was more...
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    Denver's Ski Train Returns in 2017 (Winter Park)!

    This all sounds like great and welcome news, but I can't help but have some qualms, mostly logistical. This won't be the old Ski Train, steam-heated with reversible benches, or the later streamliner, but modern Superliners. Riders won't arrive ready to skI. Imagine dozens of pairs of ski boots...
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    New Tacoma station construction to start this spring

    I feel your pain about losing the water views as you pass below Point Defiance. But that's a roundabout route, circling a long peninsula. It only makes sense in elevation maps that ignore mileage. Tacoma's new station offers a chance to present a more inviting gateway to the city. That won't be...
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    Will Americans ever take sleepers again?

    potential to reI thouht we started out talking about sleepers and their potential. But all but one response on this page ignore sleepers, delving instead into the familiar big-picture questions of rap vs air vs highway. Maybe that's what everyone wants to talk about, but there are other places...
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    Thanks for that information. How did I forget about the kitchen? I ate meals from it six months ago. What do I know-- not what a gangway is, that's for sure. Don't get me started on the dome cars; my screen name says all. Whatever it took to maintain them would have been worth it to me. But...
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    What, pray tell, about the PPC makes it so very maintenance intensive? I can't imagine. The car doesn't contain a toilet, which seems like the single most troublesome device onboard Amtrak equipment. It doesn't have the hardware and hinges of a sleeper, or the hot and cold and wet hardware...
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    Plenty of others here can say this with more authority, but isn't the Starlight a a longer consist than many others on the list? More cars means more expense, whatever the age of the cars.
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    Do I hear you say it costs half as much to pull, staff and maintain one PPC as the rest of a full train of, say eight cars? Present your evidence, and define "direct cost." They're no heavier than another car, and they require one staffer. Is their maintenance cost equal to three or four...
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    Just trying to get a phot published here...
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    Future of the Pacific Parlour Cars?

    This topic has already been discussed some already over on another thread, but it's been drowned out by larger topics like the future of all LD trains, etc. I feel like it's much more than a "tidbit," though. They may be only five cars, but they're Amtrak's only unique, vintage passenger...
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    Will Americans ever take sleepers again?

    Hats off to those who have done the work to specify the particulars of specific routes here. In more general terms, I just want to speak out in favor of the hidden merits of sleepers. By traveling through the sleeping hours, they perform a miracle that seems as near to time travel as anything...
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    Amtrak Questions

    Welcome to the forum, jazz-- and with a name like that, you might have something to say about the current thread about "Train Songs."
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    Southwest Airlines vs Amtrak

    RIchard K, how would you suppose that "building a high speed rail system from the start" would have been easier or more accomplishable than the strategy Amtrak used? That's like saying that SWA ought to have invented and manufactured supersonic airliners before starting business. Instead, SWA...
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    Novels about trains.

    Jim Lehrer's "Flying Crows" was a good read. It's about a train station, as well as a train. It takes off from actual history, with a mentally handicapped man who was discovered living alone inside the Kansas City Union Station until it was cleared for renovations. The story follows his escape...