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    BN & Amtrak's train numbering systems...

    I have noticed that during time changes in the year they add a 10 to the symbol, for example: 7 would be 1007 and 8 would be 1008. I know that BN used to use this system in their day to not confuse the Empire Builders with Freight trains 7 & 8. But I have heard crews call it 1007 or 1008, not on...
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    EC-1 Template

    Does anyone have the EC-1 Template for CSX Operations? I have the Form-D template and the GCOR Template but I am looking for the EC-1. If you could send a picture or a scan that would be great. Thank you.
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    "Highball" - More terminology questions.

    The term "Highball" has become synonymous with proceeding at maximum authorized speed. But I have noticed Amtrak crews using it as a term just to indicate station work complete. For example; crews will say highball then immediately announce TSR's / PSR's, or they will be sitting in the station...
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    Scanners, Radio and other such tech inquiries

    If travelling via sleeper I recommend getting a mobile scanner that plugs into the wall. That way you don't go through batteries and the reception on those is generally better than the handheld scanners.
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    Calling Departure Times after Station stops

    Ah, that makes sense. That's why the one in the second video said "25 at 206.5" Thank you.
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    Calling Departure Times after Station stops

    So I have noticed that sometimes after station stops, the conductor will call the arrival and departure times of the station, for example; if your arrival time was 6:45 and departure time was 6:50 they would say "45 and 50" on the radio. But after that, crews would say other numbers and/or say...
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    What is "The runner" mean when departing crew change points?

    I have a terminology question. When departing St Cloud, MN on the Empire Builder route, someone on the radio says "Here comes the runner", you may think this means there is someone who missed the train who is running after the train, but this is not the case. Every time crews depart St Cloud, if...