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    Train speeds around San Diego

    Bypass what can be bypassed, electrify, run EMUs. EMUs can handle grades better than diesel loco-hauled coaches and can accelerate much better as well.
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    Business class on a Superliner 393 Chicago to Carbondale on May 30/31

    I think it's planned to be built directly north of the existing station. The project received federal funds about 1.5 years ago but I'm not sure if it's actually underway yet.
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    Business class on a Superliner 393 Chicago to Carbondale on May 30/31

    Did you notice any work on the new station planned in Carbondale?
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    Questions re: Reserved Coach vs. Coach vs. Unreserved Coach onboard the Capitol Limited

    I can add that that was my experience in Pittsburgh as well.
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    Eastbound Wolverine showing “sold out” July 19-October - possible schedule change?

    CN just owns a brief stretch in Battle Creek, not all the way from Kalamazoo to Battle Creek.
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    KCS accepts CN's merger offer...What does this mean for Amtrak?

    Is there any precedent for one of the conditions for a merger approval to be better handling of Amtrak trains?
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    The Butchering of Tampa Station - A Bruce Richardson Essay

    That was a bizarre anti-high platform rant. Level boarding (whether accomplished through low-floor equipment or high-level platforms) is helpful to (approximately) every passenger, not just those using wheelchairs.
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    Amtrak booking website/issues/timetables removed

    This has always been a frustration of mine. Looking for the schedule of the Wolverines? Check Michigan services. Lincolns? Check Illinois/Missouri services. And the different Northeast schedules have to be confusing to less-informed folks.
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    Intercity Bus Cuts Due to Pandemic

    The last time I had taken a look at Megabus schedules, it looked like their Midwest service had shrunk to just a Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison-Twin Cities line. No idea how much of their pre-pandemic service will return, or when it might. It looks like the options right now are Greyhound or airlines.
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    Stations that should be replaced

    All Aboard Ohio has recently been advocating for a new intercity rail/bus station at or near Tower City in Cleveland. It's my understanding that there has also been some interest at the local level in moving toward a new or expanded station at the Lakefront Station site; I'm not sure whether...
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    Siemens cars went on test run on CN on Monday-checking to see if they will set of the crossing shunts

    Doesn't UP also have this problem, or something similar? I think Amtrak has to add extra cars to Missouri River Runner trains as well.
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    Will commuter rail regain popularity again?

    Yeah, most suburb to suburb trips are difficult to serve. It would often require at least a three leg (two transfer) trip.
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    Sleeper 9712...Wow!

    Fantastic! Really appreciated the in-depth review.
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    Inaugural run of the new "Night Owl"

    A railfan riding the inaugural run of a new (or restored) service. Seems like something we would celebrate, not disparage. Just a guess, but there are at least of few here who have done, or at least attempted to do, the same thing.
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    Will commuter rail regain popularity again?

    NY MTA stats show that subway ridership is still down about 2/3 (about 1/3 of normal). The two MTA commuter railroads are down about 3/4 (only 1/4 of normal). And MTA bus is a little under 1/2 of normal ridership.