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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    I hadn't really thought about it, but I don't remember the last time I used cash. Many years ago I read an article about a future cashless society and I thought that was ridiculous.
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    NO NO NO I am on oxygen and in addition to the console I use at home, I have a portable unit. When I am near someone who is smoking, the smoke goes through the air, into my portable unit, and into my lungs.
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    Alton, IL

    On the plus side, Alton is a fun place to visit. A few years ago my cousin and I hired a history professor to take us around Alton. He showed us places you wouldn't otherwise know about. There was an apartment building, which was, at one time, part of the underground railroad. The site of...
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    Worst Passenger Rail Experience Ever?

    In 1987 I hadn't been on a train in ages, so it was almost like my first trip. An unruly passenger started threatening people in the seat in front of him. I mean, he was talking killing them! After the police removed him, the TA came walking up the aisle from the car ahead wondering out loud...
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    Amtrak vs Via Rail Toronto to Vancouver

    I felt that the scenery on the CZ was better than Via. On Via, the train traversed between the mountains. On the CZ you were actually in the mountains.
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    First time on Amtrak

    Now that my "district" is going to outdoor and carryout only, the entire state of Illinois is shut out of indoor dining. December is not the best time to visit Chicago. You might want take a good book and hunker down in the Metropolitan Lounge during your layover if it's bad out. If the...
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    Classic railroad glassware, vintage or otherwise

    While Ebay is probably your best bet, Etsy is another place to look. Under "Arts and Collectibles" enter the specific railroad you are looking for. Another possibility is Replacements.com, but they are pricey.
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    SWC #3 chi-LAX

    I was hoping to see you on the Gathering last night, Steve. In reading this, I see that about the time it started you were busy. I probably would have reacted the same way you did at Amtrak's asinine procedures these days.
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    Inconsistent Service: A bigger problem than the food?

    I'm in the retired category. Physical limitations make travel very difficult. My mind is willing, but my body isn't. My advice is to travel as much as you can while you can. I did, and I'm happy to have those memories.
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    How do feel about riding "Coach" ?

    Now that I am not playing the points game anymore, I did an overnight in coach from CHI to WAS in October. Oh yes! It was uncomfortable! But I really, really love the camaraderie of the people in coach. I can easily forget the overnights in sleepers, but the good memories of conversations...
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    Problem booking 2 for 1 promo

    I tried the link and spent about another 45 minutes on the link and through the email and it is still not giving me the two for one. The link didn't help. This really has me puzzled.
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    Problem booking 2 for 1 promo

    I have tried several times with various dates in April. Haven't tried other months, but while it shows "promo applied", the fare for two is twice the amount that it is for one without the promo. Although I am disabled, I have tried it both with and without disabled. I believe I have tried...
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    Traveling by Coach

    I'm back from a coach trip on the CL. This was the first time I had been in coach in about 15 years. Just didn't have enough points for a room. Prior to joining AGR, all of my trips were in coach, but now, 15 years later and 15 years older, it's a little harder, but just as much fun. I had never...
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    There are outlets at each seat and with a portable unit, she should be able to charge the...

    There are outlets at each seat and with a portable unit, she should be able to charge the battery. She'll need to maybe just stay seated to preserve her energy while it is charging. This might be a duplicate reply because I did answer your question earlier, but I'm not sure if it went through.
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    Lower Level TA Help

    Thanks, Betty. All of our tickets show us as disabled except my ticket from WAS to BNL. I was sure that the agent did that. I didn't check it until now. I'll get that corrected.