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    Bring a packed tent on Amtrak?

    So I'm taking the train from chi to mke. I plan to continue my journey to the northwoods for some camping. Can I bring a small tent, all packed up in the tent bag on amtrak?
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    What do you bring on an Amtrak Train

    We did a 20+ hr trip fro wi to dc. We spent alot of time playing on tablets, and reading. I recommend a flashlight. I also reccomend a blanket and clothespins! Our vent was stuck open in our roomette and the clothe pined blanket saved the day! We also wished we had packed a route guide, was nice...
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    train trip to canada?

    SO 14 hrs by car,, 12 by train. We want to go up to Niagara Falls. Just currious is this a nice trip to do? Also how do we get around once we get there? Is there public transit?
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    mke problem!

    we're not checking anything so ill have to check with ticket counter (or make my aunt sit with it all)
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    mke problem!

    No bus from green bay to MKE. It was suposted to leave at 7 but was changed to 540 so now we end up with a layover in MKE
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    mke problem!

    Is there someplace that we can store our baggage? We have sleepers from chicago to dc the same day. Amtrack changed our bus so we have a two hr layover. IS there places to eat nearby? Its going to be 8am and the kids (teens) will have been up since 4. I dont wanna deal with crabby kids so food...
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    Cardinal 50 and 29 Capitol

    ok this seems like it should be simple.. why is it i cant find a 50 or 29??
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    Cardinal 50 and 29 Capitol

    What stated will we go though? Do they both go through all the same ones? We will be doing Milwaukee to Chicago then Chicago to Washington DC.
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    Cardinal 50 roomettes and 29 Capitol superliner bedrooms

    aswome! thanks for the advice. Im framilar with the chicago station, but not so much with DC! Im glad the kids er teens will be ok on there own cause If I had to share a roomette with them... it wouldnt be pretty!
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    Cardinal 50 roomettes and 29 Capitol superliner bedrooms

    we have roomettes 3, 5, 6 on the train from chicago to dc. Are these good rooms? Close to water? I drink almost a gallon a day. Are they likely to be close to the front or back? On the way back we have c,d,e Are these good rooms? Close to water? I drink almost a gallon a day. Are they likely...
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    Photos Through Train Windows

    humm! i like this!! now does anyone hae a idea for making some sort of shade for the back of the screeen? Its so annoying when you cant see the screen in the sun glare. I have a simple kodak easy share and a finepix s4400
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    Annoying Policy with Tripods

    get a tripod cane! Mines got the 4 cane legs and a tripod ball joint on top. Was a gift a few years ago (i have knee issues)
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    motion sickness?

    see I can look or not look and still get sick. Im hoping i can read with my seabands! I did ok on the boat with them (and hanging out the window doing wave photography)
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    motion sickness?

    so I cant read on the bus or play with my phone cause I get a headache and nations from the motion. I get sick on boats, get sick reading in the car (or playing on phone). Now the question: Will I have to worry about getting motion sick reading on my tablet on the train? I did a short trip from...
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    layover in Milwaukee and Chicago

    im the 30 whos been there done that! Ive only been to the intermodal at night so i didn't get a chance to walk around. As far as chicago, I was with a firefighter which means we toured lots of firehouses.