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    Auto Train Coach Food Being Removed 1/14/2020?

    Certain people in the organization seem to believe space will not be an issue. There are those who predict that cramming all of the coach passengers into that small space will create an issue. Of course, food storage isn't a problem if minimal food is provided for coach passengers. The Company...
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    Auto Train Questions

    After all these years of Auto Train operation, both as a private Corporation and under Amtrak, the Auto Train staff has handled many thousands of automobiles and has seen just about any contingency you can envision, and then some. If your car alarm goes off and drains the battery, they have the...
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    Auto Train Coach Food Being Removed 1/14/2020?

    I will only say that the Auto Train Onboard Service Crew members --- especially the long-term veterans --- are very unhappy that they will be expected to deliver such a diluted level of service. They frequently tell me I should be glad to be retired, Not only will this be a degrading of...
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    Auto Train Questions

    The passenger portion of your car will be unlocked, with the keys inside, so the contract drivers can drive it on and off the cars. When the train is underway, the auto carrier doors are locked. If I were you, I would put the most valuable items in the trunk, with less valuable items in the...
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    Acela 2150 decouples at 125mph (2/6/18)

    Hello all. First, there was no coupler, so use of the word "couple" is a bit questionable. The Acela cars are connected by permanent drawbars that are secured with pins. Those pins are supposed to be installed or removed in a shop. Normally, Acela cars cannot be separated on the road. One of...
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    Amtrak Train 91-CSX collision in SC (2/4/18)/Liability issues

    Amtrak President Anderson released a statement. I have cut out all the chaff and gone straight to the wheat. "Early media reports indicated that Amtrak was 'on the wrong track' when it hit the CSX freight train, but that statement is inaccurate because we were on the track as designated by CSX...
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    Hurricane Irma and Amtrak

    Latest word is that Auto Train service will not resume before Sunday. Tom
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    couple things i didn't know about amtrak operating crews

    I realize this is an old thread and the info is stale by now, but for the record, I specifically mentioned toilet facilities on P42's. Last I heard, they don't haul Metroliners so the comment about Metroliners has nothing to do with what I said. If you see one on a Metroliner, I'm sure there are...
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    Auto Train Business Class?

    66/67 used to carry sleepers. There was the Washington to Boston sleeper, and there was the New York Executive Sleeper, which ran north out of Washington and was dropped at Penn Station in the middle of the night. I worked them both on the Washington extra board in early 1987. The Boston job was...
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    Amtrak vs Greyhound

    Yes, I recently heard about the Bayrunner for the first time, but didn't know it was affiliated with Greyhound. I don't know when I might need the service, but will keep it in mind. There was a time in my life when I might have used it fairly frequently, but not so much now. However, I am sure...
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    Amtrak vs Greyhound

    As a resident of Hagerstown, I find Greyhound to be totally irrelevant. This is not because it must be, but because the Company has made it so. When I moved here in the early 1990's, Greyhound had a couple runs a day that ran West from Washington to Pittsburgh, stopping at Frederick and...
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    DA: I get tired of your trolling, which is one reason I don't visit the site daily, as I used to. 1. If a container of ice is sealed, there are many ways to handle it safely, just so it is kept sealed until use. I have not seen how these things are done in all locations, but I have never seen...
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    Is eating in your train car terribly rude?

    It's not rude. It's done all the time, for any number of reasons. The SCA has other duties and may not be able to accommodate you at the exact time you wish, but he or she will come as close as possible. To help the SCA get the job done efficiently, it's best to provide as much advance notice...
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    Right. Nobody has anything at all to gain except maintenance of public health standards, and protection for Amtrak against lawsuits and citations for FDA violations. The Auto Train converted to the enclosed Doue-Egbert machines many years ago after some unsupervised kids were caught putting...
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    ny to maimi

    In my experience on the railroad, "always" is never the appropriate word. Tom