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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    When I was younger and my parents were paying it was usually by coach but when I started working at 17 and making "money" I always take a sleeper if they are not sold out !!! Even on day trips I try and go "Business Class" on Via or on Amtrak... It's worth every penny :):):)
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    Round trip to Chicago- Washington, DC. 50, 29

    Sounds like a great trip !!! I wish I could do it to... But I live in Canada and can't cross the border, but I wouldn't right now anyway. :( Maybe next year hopefully when all of this will be a distant memory... Looking forward to your next post... :):):)
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    Oops ! Sorry I guess somehow I got the dates mixed up ! Elementary schools "outside" of Montreal are opening today. Sorry about that!!! :):):)
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    Same as the U.S. of A...:):):)
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    Quebec school opening's have been pushed back to Monday May 25 at the earliest... The high schools and Colleges and universities wont open till after labour day...
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    Amtrak 49th Birthday CEO Video

    Happy Birthday Amtrak !!! :):):):):)
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Please no "DMU'S" !!! At least 500 cars not coupled together so you can add cars as demand warrants!? In the UK everything is "DMU" which sucks ! I don't mind "EMU's" though...
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Yippee !!! Yahoo !!!:):):) Thank you...
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    Question about LSL dining

    I found it Ok on my trip from NYP to CHI and back to Buffalo. Just-Thinking-51 said, nothing to write home about... :)
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    Shortest/Cheapest rides in Amtrak

    That's not bad if you don't have a car, or if you take a cab across the border which could be out of the ballpark $$$ , or have to "walk" across the bridge and go through customs (not really ???) dragging your luggage !!! ??? Can you physically walk across the bridge? I can't remember?
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    A round trip to EMY. Departing Chicago 8/9/19. Departing EMY 8/13/19

    Hi Steve. Enjoying your trip report ! Just wondering? I'm taking the Zephyr # 5 in the middle of September Can you tell me where car "532" is that the first sleeper from the crew car? Do they sell space in the crew car still? If you care you can see my trip itinerary in "NS VIA FAN'S "...
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    An ‘Ocean’ Mileage Run (with lots of photos!)

    Sorry NS VIA FAN I forgot to mention who I was thanking !!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    An ‘Ocean’ Mileage Run (with lots of photos!)

    I just noticed your little history lesson on the "Chaleur" ! Very interesting and informative. That pretty well connects the dots for my memory ! :):):) Thank you for posting... !!! :):):)
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    An ‘Ocean’ Mileage Run (with lots of photos!)

    The trip to New York City from Buffalo is quite interesting...:) I have been checking the arrival times in Buffalo for last night and tonight/tomorrow morning was 4:07 am and tonights /tomorrows's arrival looks to be the same!!! That's part of my reasoning of catching #49 in NYP instead of...