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    Amtrak's protocol for covid -19 (in lounge cars)?

    The protocol is that nobody is allowed to sit in the lounge cars.
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    Train Host/Station Host

    The National Park Service and Amtrak have a program called Trails and Rails on certain routes mainly in the summer time in which trained volunteers ride trains, engage passengers and provide presentations and dialog about things along the route. The program is suspended right now account of...
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    How and when does Amtrak decide to add cars to a route?

    I do know that Crescent 19/20 tends to have an extra coach on weekends during the summer and when big things are going on in NOLA. It departs NYP on Thursday evening.
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    Nashville to Atlanta line

    How do you get the Crescent to Nashville without going through GA and/or TN?
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    Nashville to Atlanta line

    Somebody would have to figure out a way to pry $$ out of the cold hands of the highway lobby in Georgia. Hasn't happened before - won't happen now.
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    alb to atl this summer

    Train 19 does not go to or from ALB. You'll have to catch #19 at NYP.
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    20 Crescent Status (10/11)?

    Sitting in Alexandria right now.
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    Southern didn't join Amtrak until 1979.
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    There was also a spur track from the south main that led down to Atlantic Steel, the site of the current Atlantic Station development.
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    Not gonna happen unless somebody comes up with the money. The station they use was built as a suburban station when it was almost in the country. There has been talk of a replacement station 5 or 6 miles north, but again, where is the money?
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    Can't think of anything much more convenient than 2 blocks away. The nearest MARTA station with long term parking is either Lindbergh or Brookhaven, both about 3 or 4 miles away.
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    The parking deck behind the Peachtree-25th Building two blocks from the station offers long term parking.
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    Thoughts on location for new Atlanta station

    That location has been discussed and would be the best among options, but again, who is going to foot the bill?
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    Crescent - Why so bad south of Atlanta

    Mainly between Tuscaloosa and Meridian. Even the crews call it the Bermuda Triangle.