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    World Record: longest passenger train....

    Depending on the mix of EMU types it will only be 25 to 60 power cars. I would be shocked if the RhB electrical staff haven't signed off on it before the public announcement. Of course things can go wrong, but if I had the money I'd be on it!
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    All about PTC, I-ETMS and ACSES

    I get lost with all the acronyms! Do any of these comply with ETCS Level2?
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    Switching from one track gauge to another

    Correct. It was rendered redundant in 1970 with the completion of standard gauge between Sydney & Perth in 1970.
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    Another Aussie here. In 2012 a mate & I did an extensive 6 week [mostly] Amtrak trip to USA. We went San Francisco - Seattle - Chicago - NYC - Washington - New Orleans - Orlando - Washington - Chicago - Denver - San Francisco. We never tipped ANYONE on Amtrak, it never entered our minds to tip...
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    Does California get rail electrification wrong?

    I see on a You Tube post [cruising the cut] that Network Rail UK also have a specilist bridge building team on this same basis. Just 7 days to built a bridge under a 4 track mainline!
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    Assigned Seats on the train?

    From WWW Reply55: NONE of this is a real problem! ALL of these problems have been solved both before & with computers. As I suggested in reply 45 just license a system from a railroad [or more likely an IT firm] that has SOLVED these problems. None of these problems are unique to Amtrak, yes...
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    Assigned Seats on the train?

    Or even simpler Amtrak could simply license a reservation system from DB, SBB, FS, OS or SNCF all of which have systems that can cope with everything Amtrak has to cope with, except possibly having only one price for a sleeping compartment of each type plus x number of tickets but as zephyr17...
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    Why Do You Tip on Amtrak? [Poll]

    Never heard of tipping outside restaurants knew that was a thing in USA, [as stupid as it is] never thought of it on Amtrak until after my last trip.
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    CN Passenger Trains

    I heartily approve of this part of your YouTube subscription list!
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car production, delivery, speculation

    This brings up an interesting point: Are the Budd patents still in force. Internationally patents expire after a fixed number of years, what is the todays situation?
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    That is certainly a big hole in the course! I'd email the professor and point it out except he's been dead for about 20 years!
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    How long has this been the case? Seems a VERY big hole in my American Politics class, which it could be or if it's less than 50 years old that could also explain it.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Are you sure about that last bit? I saw reporting [either MSMBC or CNN] last week that the House speaker was going to sit on each Bill until the other joined it & they would go to Biden together.
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    What Amtrak can learn from the Russians

    QUOTE="Steve4031, post: 918726, member: 29"] How is the time keeping on Russian railroads. I’m assuming better than Amtrak because the same company owns the freight trains, passenger trains and tracks. My one experience was in 2010 from Moscow to Irkutsk, two nights, Irkutsk - Vladivostok. The...
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    Most scenic route from east to west

    Picky, Picky but correct!