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  • Hi - Let's try this again. To my recollection, there are no tunnels on the Alaska Highway, which is a great drive, more so the Canadian portions. I have driven the entire length of it. Enjoy the ride - suggest returning on the ferry.
    No, all I got was "I trust you received my reply. I was trying to edit it when I hit enter and it went through before I was ready." I did post a question in non rail a few days ago but I didn't see a reply there so I guess I didn't get it.
    Hello, I posted something in non rail re driving the Al-Can Hwy and tunnels. Do you know if there are any tunnels in that drive. I plan, well it is being considered I should say, to drive from So Cal to Anchorage in 2013 for a vacation w/ wife and kids. She doesn't do tunnels so wondering if you know if there are any. Thanks, Dan
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