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    Pacific Parlour Car Permanently Retired February 2018

    I see the retirement of the Pacific Parlor Cars, along with the changes in discounts/passes and the elimination of the overnight Trails and Rails programs, as part of an overall strategy to reduce costs and increase revenues so that Amtrak can eliminate the operating subsidy. That subsidy was...
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    What routes start/end at an unstaffed station?

    I believe the station at Roanoke, Virginia, the end of the NE Regional from Boston, is unstaffed.
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    Amtrak changed room and car number (EB and CZ)

    I am scheduled to take Train 8 (eastbound EB) next week. I had my bedroom changed to A, my least favorite, in another car, so I called Amtrak. I was told that the change was made because of a bad ordered car. Although I was suspicious that they were reducing the consist for the season, it...
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    Farewell AEM7 Farewell Trip (June 2016)

    I did ask her and she did not want to go. She said that she likes riding the train, but only to real destinations.
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    Farewell AEM7 Farewell Trip (June 2016)

    Much to my shock, my wife agreed that I could take this excursion. So, I have a ticket! Are there any other AU members going?
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    CHI to Alex, VA Options

    Last October, my wife and I traveled from Denver to Culpeper, VA (a few stations beyond Alexandria) on the California Zephyr, the Capitol Limited and NE Regional Train 171. They threw in the trip on Regional Train 171 for no extra charge. We checked our bags to Washington and then used redcap...
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    Amtrak dining car licensing question?

    Wow, did that get complicated! :wacko: :P
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    Amtrak dining car licensing question?

    Not to be picky, but.... The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service is: "The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is the public health agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture responsible for ensuring that the nation's commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe...
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    Amtrak Health Inspectors

    You're sorry? I was the one that brought it up. Oh, well. :P
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    Amtrak Health Inspectors

    This past Friday, I helped present the Trails and Rails program on Train 29, the Capitol Limited. As we sat in the Sightseer Lounge car waiting for the train to depart Washington Union Station, a young man came through the car dressed in an Amtrak polo shirt and carrying a flashlight and other...
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    I got it through AT&T, but once I got it I realized how limited it is. I would also pronounce it fairly useless.
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    Closest car rental to South Boston Amtrak train station?

    I traveled to Boston last week for a funeral. I took the Silver Line from South Station to Logan Airport (for a rental car) thinking it was a new rapid transit line. It was a bus. Yes, for the first few stations the bus was electric (with an overhead canentary wire) and ran on its own roadway...
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    Capitol Limited consist recovery?

    I was railfanning at Harpers Ferry yesterday with my brother. 29(12) had three sleepers, diner/lounge, sightseer lounger and three coaches (one may have been a coach/baggage car). There was no baggage car. 30(12) had a full consist (with a diner/lounge rather than a full diner), including a...
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    Extra Points for Shopping Awarded - will they take them away?

    Interesting thread. On several occasions I've had Marriott Rewards points added to my account by error. I each case Marriott Rewards told me that they never take away points once they have been credited to an account. "Enjoy!" they say. Good customer service.
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    Amtrak Police Department Recruitment

    I had a 33 year career as a National Park Ranger and I wouldn't have given that up for anything. Qualified as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, paramedic, wildland firefighter, structural firefighter, hazardous materials techniciam, search and rescue technician and various incident management...