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    Watching the Weather from a train

    I rode on SWC on the way back home from CA several years ago, along I-40 in western NM. Interstate was closed but the train rode effortlessly on the track.
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    Watching the Weather from a train

    I was riding on EB on the way to NYC Gathering several years ago. We caught on early season snowstorm in October. We had to stop somewhere in Montana for the power company to clear the downed power lines across the tracks in several locations. View was priceless.
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    Gulf Country Queensland (Oz) trains.

    Great trip report, esp. in an Aussie style! It makes me wanting to go down under and explore the country.
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    120V AC Power Question (Again)

    I do not know how many plugs are in each breaker. It doesn't mean how many plugs are used, it's how many amps the breaker can handle.
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    Avelo Airlines Set To Takeoff

    Interesting! Checked Baggage is $10. Carry on Bag- priceless! ($35) I've used Burbank airport few times. It's a small and charming airport. It is supposed to build a new terminal building replacing the old ones due to proximity to the runway. It'll be the same number of gates- 15.
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    Roomette Booked for One: Spouse Joins After Booking?

    You'll need to purchase a rail fare for each person plus a roomette for either one or two person.
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    DFW Loop

    Both of them are in outside just north end of terminals. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes walk on sidewalks, going underpasses of major roads.
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    United Flight 328 DEN-HNL 777 Feb 20, 2021 UEF ✈

    "It" was the news about the conversation between the pilot and the air controller and the events.
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    United Flight 328 DEN-HNL 777 Feb 20, 2021 UEF ✈

    It stated that the 777 was losing altitude after engine failure. Question is the plane can maintain its' altitude with one engine running, esp of you're over the vast expanse of ocean?
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    An Amtrak Valentine's Day Incident from the Past

    I've been at that earthquake and among other strong ones in southern California. It was a pretty good shake! My last earthquake was in Idaho, close by Stanley, ID which is very rare on its magnitude.
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    Speed Tracking App

    I use that, too, on trains and even airplanes! Even I used it on my very first Acela ride during Boston Gathering several years ago!
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    AU Members with Frequent Flyer Affinity Status

    I'm a loyal with Delta for years with no status. Second one would be Alaska airline despite going the "wrong way" trip to Seattle or Portland before reaching the destination.
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    Superliner sleeper lower level?

    I believe it's a crew quarter or a transdorm
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    Small plane discussion

    Nice flying without using mask unless your pilot insist! What's the range for a tank of fuel?
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    Small plane discussion

    Fascinating stories! I've flew on DC-3 plane during the municipal airport air show. It was my first ride with tail wheel which is very fascinating. You can't see the runway ahead from the cockpit. I've flown in 6 seat Cessna, sail plane twice, and small commercial props outside of TSA area.