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    QuestIons on Recent Auto Train Experiences?

    It's Election Time, Florida is BIG, and a return to Normalcy will garner more GOP votes, as the Insanity spreads. Live in NY, and we've been warned, "we could be the last on the Vaccine List" by the Puppet Master. Was going down anyways (auto train) and will get Florida Plates and License to...
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    QuestIons on Recent Auto Train Experiences?

    Thanks for Info. Was there any Social Distancing in the waiting areas prior to be Boarded? Were most people wearing Masks? Wife and I older and High Risk. 😷
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    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    I expect it won't be long before chicken cages will be acceptable on board. 🤣 😷
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Your concerns are all valid, should be reported, but I am skeptical on Amtrak's willingness or ability to correct. Same when we traveled on Auto Train before Pandemic. Seems like the the attitude and backbone of the Service Attendant, who is tipped,for his service, and the Social...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    What is safe and at what cost, all around ? NY seems safer than Florida now but if I don't go I'll not see my new Grandchild and suffer through 5-7 months of snow and cold. The Anxiety of trying too make Safe Plans, avoid the Virus, and have some life, at times, feels deadlier than the virus...
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    CSPAN 2 Hearings

    Going through the Channels on Wednesday and taped Congressional Hearing on Corona virus and Amtrak handling of. Haven't finished watching but not a pretty picture and without the 5 Billion+ Stimulus we're in serious trouble. Said that Ridership was down 95% at one time is now 80% down...
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    QuestIons on Recent Auto Train Experiences?

    I couldn't agree with you more. Our first Grandchild was born a few days ago in Fort Lauderdale, so we're excited. We're older, high risk group, and will come up with some plan, if we are not at war with Canada before the Election. I'm already feeling cold and depressed here in NY (and the...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    40% is Much Better than 80%, of course. But what if the 40% are College kids whose school closed because of the Virus. How about the attitude of the Attendant? It's mind boggling. When we flew back to NY in April from Florida, I checked seat charts, made calls etc. Looked 'Safe' after we...
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    QuestIons on Recent Auto Train Experiences?

    Would appreciate it. Would like to take it back down, again, in December. Worst part was getting there early and the crowded waiting room. Like your drop off plans. Didn't look like the "mask crowd". I Question there safety during Pandemic (as if Airports are any better) Flew back in April...
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    2 Roomettes or Bedroom

    We are also young at heart and I would never ask my wife to use that upper bunk again. This time on the Auto Train I am going to get a Bedroom instead of WC roomette, leave the Wheelchair in the Van, and use their transfer chair service to get on and off the train.😷
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    Coach passengers in sleeping car rooms?

    Thanks, I must of been in H room. Bunk style bed and a toilet and sink. WC took up most of room, but for an overnight OK
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    Coach passengers in sleeping car rooms?

    Can you put a Wheelchair in a Bedroom on the Auto Train? Last time we used a WC Roomette. Put adult kids in a smaller Roomette. Wish I had checked out Bedroom.
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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Getting ready to hit 73, I have to constantly remind myself not to think about or talk to others about the "good old days". Watching TV the other day, I remembered having only three station to watch. Now we have hundred's of options, that really don't seem much better. Anything beats...
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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    The upper bunk I slept on in the Army in a Barracks with at least 50 snoring guys making strange noises ranks above the upper bunk on the Auto Train.
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    Road Trip Discussion

    I also love this term. Is this more PC? When you're too late it has to be Bio-Hazard? 😷