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    Alton Brown went on an Amtrak Rant ...

    I agree with all the positive comments and recommendations to have Alton Brown as an advocate for Amtrak dining. However that doesn't change the fact that Amtrak, including its President are at the whim of Congress. With the exception of Joe Biden when he was a Senator, virtually every member of...
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    Booking Error ID: 535S

    Thanks Bill, I went back as you suggested. Lo and Behold, success. I can only imagine that New Year's Eve partying had begun early within the reservations computer. So it took a little while for the self-check module to respond to error interrupts. However, All's Well That Ends Well. Thanks...
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    Booking Error ID: 535S

    I'm attempting to book a round trip on 19/20 for next May and received Error ID: 535S. I suspect it's because I'm booking in 2019 for travel in 2020. It also could be that new schedules are planned for issue before May, but haven't been finalized yet. Anybody run into this before? Thanks.
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    Mississippi/Alabama Service Revival?

    Has there been any further information on restoring service to the central Gulf Coast, New Orleans-Mobile? There was a recent article in our local paper that Bay St. Louis, MS was rehabbing their depot for renewed service. I thought this strange, if not premature. Our congressional delegation...
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    Crescent - Why so bad south of Atlanta

    The scheduling nightmare for the Crescent in the MEI/BHM corridor began when KCS and NS jointly upgraded the Meridian Speedway between Shreveport and Meridian. This provided a route to avoid going through New Orleans or Memphis. Prior to that time my trips on the Crescent were usually on time...
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    2019 Schedules?

    Thanks for an experienced reply. I'll add overnights as CYA. Actually, I've never been to Seattle, Chicago has much that's fascinating, and New York has changed alot since I lived there 65+ years ago. After all, it's a bucket list, so I'll go with the flow. :cool:
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    2019 Schedules?

    Have there been any rumors on 2019 schedule updates? I'd like to do a bucket list round-the-country trip and need to consider connections and/or hotels. Sorry if this a duplicate post, but I received no returns from a 2019 Schedule search. Thanks.
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    Red cap question

    Normally I give $5 for one bag and a ride in WAS or NYP. However I had one exception in WAS. I had 10 minutes to transfer from a very late #20 to an Acela. A Redcap in a cart met my Viewliner vestibule, raced down the platform around in front of our still connected diesels, across three tracks...
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    Meals for sleeper passengers (what is included?)

    Tipping has not been stressed in this thread. The tip should be based on the total of all menu items you had, plus alcohol. Unfortunately I've seen too many sleeper pax assume no tip necessary because they didn't pay for the meal. That's not fair to the staff. They work just as hard, sleeper or...
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    I'll take a look when I'm on 20 in late December. Looks like NS was makig a few more passing sidings between MEI and BHM earlier this year.
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    You make my point. This is a perfect opportunity to offer that information to prospective customers, rather than a non-informative "Sold Out". Might as well say "Get Lost, We Don't Want Your Business". I'm beginning to suspect that Anderson was given marching orders to destroy LD routes by...
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    Tricia, if memory serves, ATK used to return "Service Not Available" in cases like these. I rode the Crescent regularly between SDL and ALX every few months starting in the '80's before I retired. Service was excellent with schedule keeping spot-on to the extent that I'd arrive ALX or SDL...
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    I agree with you.  My disappointment is with current ATK operations and schedule keeping. We all recognize that ATK is an orphan step-child outside of the NEC. There appears no individual or organization willing, or being allowed to take freight railroads to task, either by direct frontal...
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    It's illogical to list it as "Sold Out" when in fact this is an annual service disruption for a legitimate reason, and has been for the past four or five years. I wonder if this approach may be the result of Anderson's new marketing team trying to show "how popular the Crescent is". Why don't...
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    Apparently Amtrak has annulled the Crescent south of Atlanta, at least for January, possibly longer. I assume this due to NS' annual maintenance in that area. I'm surprised there is no mention of this on the Amtrak website. The website merely returns "Sold Out" when I try to book a trip. Anybody...