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    Southwest Chief derailment

    After some 'dusting off' and replacing 'outed' windows and other items damaged by the derailment, I wouldn't be surprised that the Super-Liner cars involved will be back on the rails asap. Those cars make revenue but not when out of service. Now however, an overturned car where people were...
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    Southwest Chief derailment

    I think the odds are high that those cars will be back on the rails after some 'dusting off' and replacing 'outed' windows and other damaged items. Those Super-Liner cars are too expensive to just sit around on a siding not being utilized for revenue service.
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    Southwest Chief derailment

    As many others have also, I saw the video by the concerned 'local man' in the Mendon, MO area that showed the grade crossing (a gravel road) climbing up & over the tracks (because the rail line IS high up. I'm thinking why not then build a tunnel UNDER the tracks for the trucks and farm...
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    Where to send complaints?

    This is all good information for the train traveler; hopefully, someone who needs it will have read it before embarking on a a rail journey. In this regard, trains and sizes, etc. I wrote AMTRAK an nice letter some time ago to the address I got from Google but, a few weeks later it was returned...
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    Another try with sleeper buses

    The "grueling ordeal" was on the driver making the whole trip by himself, unless the task was accomplished by two drivers at a stop (driver change) along the way.?
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    Another try with sleeper buses

    Then we were on an 'earlier model' because it had the rear "observation Lounge" with the lav and galley in front of it. I went back there for a short time, the upper 'pull open' windows were open as some people smoked. (Remember this was in 1962).
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    Washington DC Union Station redevelpment plans

    I recall arriving into the D.C. Station a couple of decades ago and I was told by friends that it had just undergone a renovation that kept its historical status. The ceiling was beautiful as I recall. So, now the yahoos of industry are out there doing their best to 'upgrade' everything they...
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    Empire Builder schedule changed effective Monday, July 11th

    If the changes DO "eliminate any connections from an early-running Empire Builder" ....... who's in charge of scheduling? Where does AMTRAK get the idiots who screw up everything? And why?
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    Another try with sleeper buses

    My dad & I rode the Golden Eagle from L.A. to Seattle to go to the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. Lunch & 'dinner' were served onboard by an attendant. NO sleeper, just recliners. I went with my dad when he stopped at Union Station, Greyhound and Trailways looking for any 'specials' going to the...
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    Amtrak 50% Off Deal: Does it apply to Keystones?

    Ha, ha ~~ That's only $2.00 more; go on now, out the door. {:= )
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    Should America pursuit extra-wide trains (wider than 10 ft 6 inches)

    I have to say you make some good points here knocking my wide gauge train idea. Maybe it should have been thought of in the 1940's (after WWII) for a 1950's intro when the railroads were independent, not gov't controlled.
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    North East Corridor (NEC) night train and sleeper journey

    Isn't there a way to turn down or 'off' the sound system from inside 'your private' cabin? (I guess not?)
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    Seaboard92 Is Taking Off

    Oh "Seaboard92" good for you! You're moving up in the world of travel in more ways than one. American Airlines is a good company to work for (I know some people who worked for them). I wish you luck in your new adventure! But, I think they'll soon discover you'll be an asset to them. Best...
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    Should America pursuit extra-wide trains (wider than 10 ft 6 inches)

    Thank you "Seaboard92" for your thoughtful remarks. However, where you said, "Now you couldn't get a 20' cabin" what did you mean exactly? In my 'story' I said "In the Sleeper Cars, remarkable deluxe 'suites' on both sides of a wider center aisle in these Pullman cars." As I think about those...
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    Should America pursuit extra-wide trains (wider than 10 ft 6 inches)

    I like your thinking but, I may have confused some with my comments that the 'wide train' would also be 'high speed.' Not at all. If such a plan came to be, the big train would/should have its own right of way with tunnels, etc to accommodate it. The speed I'd care to see would be around 140 mph...