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    More restrictive ticketing non refundable no changes coming March 1, 2020

    The new terms are on Amtrak's web site https://www.amtrak.com/terms-and-conditions.html#faresModificationsAndRefunds-aboutFares
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    AGR points for unused tickets or change fees under new rules?

    I think they still cancel the return of a round trip ticket in case of no-show for the first leg. I usually book two one-ways in case of a no scan, and recently got lazy and saved a few keystrokes so I will have to make sure my first leg gets scanned.
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    AGR points for unused tickets or change fees under new rules?

    Currently Amtrak awards zero points for no-shows. I found that when the conductor fails to scan my ticket and then I contact AGR to tell them I did show. Amtrak then allows points because I did show for the train. I wonder if Amtrak might allow AGR points for those who purchase the new...
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    More restrictive ticketing non refundable no changes coming March 1, 2020

    All I know is that change fees for value fares will have me cutting back enough on Amtrak travel that I plan to cancel the fee Mastercard and downgrade to the non-fee one since the fee one was only to obtain status that I will no longer be pursuing. For example, the flexible one-way PHL-NY...
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    Email requesting feedback re AGR; legitimate?

    I got a reminder for this survey, do not remember an original, and completed it based on the reminder.
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    Solari Board at PHL

    A chalkboard is still at the Amtrak level of 30th St. hidden around the staircase to the SEPTA regional rail area. Sometimes it had crazy stuff written on it.
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    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    Such shocking and surprising news. My condolences to Alan Burden's family and friends.
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    Amtrak 2017 Autumn Excursion October 14-15 up and down the Hudson

    The Amtrak web site home page (desktop/laptop) came up as a blank page, but is working on the app (The AXP designation still shows as Harrisburg from last year) I decided to go and am ticketed for Saturday. I used the iOS (iPhone) app.
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    Solar Eclipse watching?

    The one southbound train from Portland that morning went from low bucket last month to all sold out. I bet a tour group chartered that train.
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    AGR Account Hacked (Mine, Maybe Yours?)

    My address showed as one in Bryn Mawr, PA, so I just changed my password too. Edit to add: The snail mail version of the targeted Double TQP offer just arrived from AGR with the correct address.
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    targeted AGR status challenge posted on Twitter

    Someone posted receiving a take four round trips for S+ status challenge. This is the kind of challenges I've seen from hotel and airline programs targeted towards relatively new members w/o status. https://twitter.com/raw5052/status/709848928594862081
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    Lake Shore Limited to Texas Eagle connection at Chicago

    Hopefully in Chicago proper this time. In Sept 2014 Amtrak hired a van to a cheap unbranded hotel along a highway about 20 miles west of Chicago.
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    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    I saw desks in both NYP and PHL soliciting applications. I applied for and was accepted for the World card. I found in my old digital archives that BOA was the old or original AGR bank before a switch to Chase in 2007. Letter from Bank of America in 2001 soliciting my first AGR credit card...
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    Amtrak Guest Rewards 2.0 Coming January 2016

    I have a pattern of taking trips to Lancaster and Harrisburg at low Keystone prices so the loss of the 100-point minimum, which got me chasing S+ when I moved to PA, will certainly dump me out of S+. I might drop to Select this year anyway, although may be close enough for extra runs to earn me...
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    Silver Star Update

    I saw your train pass through Chester PA. It was going more slowly than normal but I figured it was track work in the region. https://flic.kr/p/wy8DaW https://flic.kr/p/wNqGaG https://flic.kr/p/vTSDJT