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    City of New Orleans routing

    Love this!!!!! In my area (Spokane area) so many of these places aren't even wide spots in the road any more. It's hard to imagine they ever had stations. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this!!!!
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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    I use it exclusively like I have since I got it. I actually at one time had two AGR cards but kept getting fraudulent charges on one of them so dropped that one.
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    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    I have a Texas Eagle trip scheduled for the end of September. I am coming in on the Empire Builder from Spokane and as of right now will be just passing through Chicago, catching the CONO to Champaign, stay with a relative one day and catch the TE in Bloomington the day after that. Something...
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    Share a Coke with...Amtrak

    We have had Coke products, including caffeine free diet Coke, available in 6 packs of 1/2 liter bottles for a few years now at the grocery store where I work, here in the hinterlands of the Land Where the Empire Builder Joins and Splits. That doesn't do much for you on the opposite side of the...
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    There are those who would rather complain about their problems rather than do something about them.;)
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    Booking Amtrak tickets with Amtrak credit card sends me to fraud dept

    I have two BoA Amtrak cards. One I have never had a problem with; with the second, just this past week I saw a charge on my statement that I didn't make, an on-line purchase of under $50 to Scentsy. I don't do candles or scented oils. I called BoA right away, and got the problem resolved. I now...
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    Amtrak Corridor Expansion Laundry List

    In addition to the Tri-Cities, some studies have been done that would extend the corridor to Spokane, with the idea of giving Spokane daytime rail service.
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    Do you go out of your way to ride a particular train?

    I do it all the time when traveling from Spokane to Seattle, and vice versa. It takes longer to drive to the airport in Spokane than it does to fly to Seattle; in fact I can also fly from Pullman-Moscow, 15 miles away, and fly in less than an hour to Seattle. But I'd rather drive to Spokane...
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    Eureka, California to Vancouver, Washington: a roundabout journey

    Nice report!! I remember taking a family vacation, in 1971 or '72 (don't remember which year) and we took the road between Eureka and Redding. I remember it as being narrow and winding.
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    Meals in the room?

    I agree. It's nobody's business how you spend your money. If I want to tip I'm going to tip, regardless of the wage that is paid to the person I'm tipping. I have never understood why that should be anyone's business but mine.
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    Infill Amtrak stops

    It seems to me I have read somewhere that there are those in "the Wendovers" who have pushed for an Amtrak stop.
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    Amtrak employees need an attitude adjustment

    My experiences with Amtrak personnel have been by and large good to very good. There have been some isolated incidents that were less than stellar, including encountering a coach car attendant on the EB who as far as I'm concerned should be riding a broom and eating out of a trough, to the...
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    favorite scenery on Amtrak usually passed through night,that you saw day due hours long train delay?

    I fortunately haven't been on that many hours-late trains, but the best for me was on the Coast Starlight, north of Sacramento. Northern California is gorgeous, and seeing that scenery was great. I've never seen the Sandpoint-Libby area in the daylight by train, but live in the Spokane area so...
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    More often than not, when requesting ice, it's been my experience that the SCA will use the KFC sized bucket.
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    Seattle to Spokane

    To put it in plain English, the parking situation at Spokane's station sucks big time. The lot is one of many surface lots owned by the city of Spokane and operated by an outside parking service. For years the cost was $4/day and you paid by putting money in a box with a slit far too small to...