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    Anyone get this 5x points promo, and did it work for you?

    Got it too, and at a good time: I am in the market for a new video camera. And since I have won 3 times and tied once in our store football pool (throw in 5 bucks, pick Sunday's winners and the winner from the Monday Night game along with the total points, as a tiebreaker, and if you win, you...
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    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    I have gotten the flu shot every year since I can remember--but one. That year for whatever reason I did not get the shot, and ended up with a nasty case of the flu. I only missed one day of work--the only day I have missed school or work due to illness in the last 46 years--but probably could...
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    EB coach food service Seattle - Spokane

    They still do the snacks from the table in the diner for coach passengers. Limited menu but more than adequate for one meal.
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    Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

    I have had the Durango and Silverton plus the Cumbres and Toltec on my bucket list for some time. I think I might wait until 2022, however. I still have another item or two on that list before it.
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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    I like our voting by mail only here for that very reason. I can study those candidates and issues I am not sure on and vote for those at my leisure after I have done my research on them. Living in a town of 500 and in a town of 2800, there never were any lines to speak of at the polls.😉 For...
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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    Washington has been vote-by-mail only for several years now. In times past there have not been any big statewide problems I'm aware of. I got my ballot in the mail this past week and plan to fill it out and return it this week sometime.
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    Amtrak stations within a mile of a Casino? (w/real dice Craps)

    The Emerald Queen Casino is about a mile from the Tacoma, WA Amtrak station.
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    Pt. 4 San Antonio to Los Angeles

    The difference in the crews between the Eagle and Limited was like night and day. The young woman in the dining car on the Eagle was very friendly and accommodating. On the Limited, however, the dining car attendant, while good at his job, was not very outgoing at all. Very quiet. And Erroll...
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    Pt. 3--Texas Eagle Bloomington to San Antonio

    I was way off base concerning the assistant conductor. She was right to do as she did. Regarding the question of a religious exception to wearing masks, I do not for a minute think there should be such a thing. I only asked because on this trip and two prior trips I took on Amtrak this summer...
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    Pt. 3--Texas Eagle Bloomington to San Antonio

    You know, I'll bet you're right. As I think back on it now, the young gal wasn't wearing a mask (don't know whether they have a religious exemption or not) and I'm sure this was the same woman who in the course of making announcements over the PA system made it clear that anyone that didn't wear...
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    Pt. 3--Texas Eagle Bloomington to San Antonio

    After spending a day and a half at my uncle's, we left on Tuesday the 22nd from Bloomington, bound for LA, on the Texas Eagle. Our good luck with on-time trains ran out before we even started, as the message board showed a delay of 15 minutes. Looking at the Amtrak tracker, I saw the Eagle was...
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    Spokane to Spokane in 10 days!

    My sister lives in Lynnwood and my nephew and his family live in Seattle, and they have never seen anything like it either. Hopefully that's all a distant memory...until next summer.😷
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    Part 2: Portland-Chicago on the EB

    Regarding the food, I thought the same thing. They have you too much before; now, not so much. It was no problem, however. I've lost 130 pounds over the years from my heaviest and am still in no danger of starving.🙂
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    Part 2: Portland-Chicago on the EB

    We arrived in Portland right on time, not that it mattered. As going to Powell's was out, we settled into the lounge for several hours. Due to Covid they don't provide anything in the way of food or drink in the lounge but did give us vouchers for 2 free drinks from the nearby cafe/gift shop. We...
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    Spokane to Spokane in 10 days!

    My uncle and I, beginning three weeks ago today, embarked on another Amtrak loop trip, involving the Empire Builder, City of New Orleans (briefly), Texas Eagle, Coast Starlight, and, for me, the Empire Builder again. Like everyone else who boards in Spokane and wishes to travel to Chicago, we...