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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Yes, a $173 RT flight once a day really opens up travel to a town that has a $110 RT shuttle service to the same larger airport running 10x/day. Thank goodness the EAS subsidizes that flight.
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Sure, though unless someone lives within walking/biking distance of the airport or rail station they'd still need some way to get to the station or airport regardless. Rail stations can at least support transit-oriented development so that's at least an option - something that is extremely...
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    Amtrak employee meals

    There's a lot of service industry jobs where specific salary information is not (as far as I'm aware) public knowledge and I wouldn't expect it to be - the wait staff at Denny's, the front desk agent at Doubletree, the flight attendant on Delta, etc. There's some knowledge on how some of those...
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    Which routes are going back to full service May 31?

    More the latter, and more noting that six to eight weeks may not be enough to fill T&E vacancies if they exist, as west point was asserting - the market for employees that can quickly be brought on board to do T&E work is much smaller than the job market as a whole. As furlough grows longer, not...
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    Which routes are going back to full service May 31?

    That might be a difficult lift for conductors and engineers, especially if they aren't qualified on that territory. OBS could likely be brought up and trained in that timeframe and pull from a wider candidate pool, but skilled conductors and engineers are likely a smaller pool of candidates and...
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    Comparing Amtrak B/R fare to First Class Air Fare

    Moderator note: We've hidden some posts that violate Amtrak Unlimited's rules, or were responses to hidden posts. Please ensure that your posts follow those rules, especially the one to "Post in a friendly, respectful, welcoming manner. Personal attacks, insults, baiting and offensive language...
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    Amtrak Express

    They just put it in the baggage car along with any passenger baggage. There was virtually no additional transportation cost - the package was dropped off at an Amtrak baggage counter, sent via unused space in the baggage cars, and then picked up at the destination Amtrak station. From my...
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    Amtrak Express

    Is there really much of an infrastructure cost to this? The only reason that I could see for discontinuing it is if the overhead to keep it running is more than the revenue earned through it. There's certainly some (training CSRs to know what it is, staffing at least a minimal customer service...
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    New Amtrak survey email yesterday

    I didn't get it, at least in the inbox that I get all of my other Amtrak stuff. I guess Amtrak doesn't want me to be treated more special than other passengers. 😮
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    Is enrolling in Guest Rewards worth it for infrequent Amtrak traveler?

    There's little reason not to sign up for it. It's been years since I signed up, but I don't recall the amount of information given to be any more than what's asked for when buying a ticket online with a credit card. (If you're especially privacy conscious, there may be a bit more information...
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    Figuring out how far to ride the eastbound Cardinal

    I'd consider looking at least at the Doubletree at Newark Penn. It's connected to the train station, and if the skyway is closed it's simply a walk across the street. They can have some surprisingly low rates at times. Otherwise I'd probably do something like BWI - a plethora of airport hotels...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Frankly, it feels like something written by someone "inside the beltway," or at least someone in the Northeast. There's potentially some good points made about the extensions in the Northeast, but then the entire article just goes off the rails and finds many things that actually make sense...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    Statistically speaking, bus travel quite safe. It might not be quite as safe as rail travel (I've seen varying statistics, some of which suggest rail travel is a bit safer and some that suggest that bus travel is safer) but it's still quite safe. The data from the National Safety Council...
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    Trains can't leave before their departure time right?

    To add to this, weather between where the airplane is coming from and your Point A also matters, especially if you're not starting at one of that airline's hub airports. (The knock on effect from weather can go even further back, especially with ULCCs and/or carriers without much slack to...
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    New Amtrak Proposed Routes Map has Dropped

    That would've been really useful for me if it was around for the 2019 Gathering. Instead of taking to the skies I could've taken a quick overnight train down - easy peasy!