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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    It shouldn't, but I'm not sure if BoA allows downgrades like that. When we downgraded one in our household, we were actually switched to a BoA Cash Rewards card. That isn't a bad card, since there's a 3% cash back category you can set (we have ours set for online shopping.) For general...
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    Caltrain shutdown possible

    It appears that Caltrain may face a complete shutdown after San Francisco's supervisors failed to support a ballot initiative for a sales tax supporting Caltrain services. From SFGate:
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    Airline and Regional Rail Code Shares

    I think an easier short-term plan would be to run frequent buses from the hubs to nearby smaller communities. Buses could much more easily drop people off right at the airport, it wouldn't require negotiation with freight railroads, and the initial cost would likely be cheaper. There's some of...
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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    The AGR points and card aren't "worthless." Sure, it doesn't make sense if you don't intend to travel on Amtrak again, but I wouldn't expect an Amtrak-branded credit card to be particularly useful if you're not going to travel on Amtrak. For Amtrak travel, the points are still generally worth...
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    First time traveling on train advice/help

    A few posts have been edited to remove potentially identifying information.
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    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    I had the same trouble at first. The one with a metal wire works decently, but I've honestly had about as much luck with a mask where I fold down the top part slightly (maybe the top quarter of an inch, just below where the strap attaches) and make sure to have it tucked under my glasses...
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    Amtrak Hubs

    I'd probably agree if we're looking at long-distance train connections, but factoring in regional connections (say, from a Northeast Regional to an Empire Service train) New York probably has more connections. New Haven would also be high up there, though a lot of it may be non-Amtrak regional...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    It's a bit more fine-grained than that. The bills say that they're payment for any debt, public or private. If you're at a store and trying to purchase something, the ownership of the item is still with the store until the item/product is purchased. Thus, they can simply refuse to accept cash...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    This thread is specific to the COVID-19 impacts on Amtrak Food Service. Please keep all discussion in the realm of Amtrak food service impacts, or closely related items/discussion. Some off-topic posts have been hidden. Amtrak discussion that isn't food service specific can go in the thread...
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    OK to go inside Washington Union Station during long-distance train stop

    I wouldn't do it unless the conductor explicitly mentions it as an option. Northbound there's no one that boards at Washington, so the train will likely leave as soon as the engine is swapped. They may not even have the boarding gate open to reboard the train. It'd be a different story if there...
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    RNO PDX Bus

    Most of the links on the website lead to an error saying that "Your access to the site has been limited" with a 503 error, at least for me. Even the Terms and Conditions error out - not good to buy a ticket without being able to see the terms and conditions! I'd agree that it also seems to be a...
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    Service Reductions effective October 1

    This seems like a very poor move in terms of trying to save money. Sure, you save on some labor expenses and fuel, but you don't remove much of your capital expenses, building expenses, etc., and the only major savings on equipment is if ridership drops further so you don't need as many cars to...
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    Anderson to AA?

    There's also access available with some credit cards, a paid membership, or a benefit after reaching certain frequent flyer status levels. I'm guessing most people use one of those options to enter into the Sky Clubs.
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    Anderson to AA?

    Moderator note: This thread has been moved to non-rail transportation.
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    Amtrak Website Not User Friendly....

    One thing to note is that the TQP are not put into your account as redeemable points. They simply are added to your TQP total for the year. When I had the annual fee card, I don't recall any per-quarter limitation with the TQP earnings. It was a simple every $5,000 spent would bump up my TQP...