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    Amtrak Dining

    When I rode the Zephyr last week, there was coffee in the sleeper cars. The flex meals had the tin cover indicating oven heating, as described above. No lasagna as on the Coast Starlight but at lunch they offered options from the cafe car (burgers, hot dogs, pizza) plus just a couple of the...
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    Rumors on Facebook about Amtrak removing 530/630 car line number

    The 640 was definitely the transdorm and placed accordingly behind the baggage car. I think the transdorm is always numbered x40 so 332 is not likely to be the transdor. I can’t say for sure but I feel like it’s not uncommon to not have a 530/630 sleeper on the Zephyr. I ride it pretty often...
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    Rumors on Facebook about Amtrak removing 530/630 car line number

    I’m currently riding #6 and now that you mention it, there isn’t a 630 sleeper — just 631, 632, and 640. I hadn’t caught that earlier.
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    Crescent southbound of Jan17 6 hr delay?

    I should add that there was extremely wet, heavy snow in the area following a lot of rain. Only 3-4 inches of snow, it looked like, but you could see how heavy it was by all the bending tree limbs. I'm guessing that's somewhat unusual for the area.
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    Crescent southbound of Jan17 6 hr delay?

    I'm on that train. The story is trees down blocking the tracks in multiple places between Lynchburg & Danville last night. Rolling along nicely now, and as you say, I actually get to see the Carolinas and Georgia now! I tried to cheer up my fellow passengers at breakfast this morning -- not...
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    A different Rail Pass Question

    Bud, How about: Sunset Limited #1 SAS-LAX (1 night) Coast Starlight #14 LAX-PDX (1 night) Empire Builder #28 PDX-CHI (2 nights), hotel in Chicago (1 night) California Zephyr #5 CHI-EMY (2 nights), hotel in Emeryville (1 night) Coast Starlight #11 EMY-LAX (0 nights), hotel in LA (1 night)...
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    Circling the west, May-June 2011

    My family and I recently took a 2-week trip from Oakland to Portland OR to Madison WI to Denver and home again, all by train. It was the longest train trip we've done yet -- all previous trips have essentially just been a single round trip. It was a great time, and given the route we were...
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    Leaving luggage overnight at Portland (OR) station?

    Just to follow up, we're now back from our trip. Thanks for everyone's advice on dealing with luggage -- we were indeed able to spend our day in Portland without hauling our stuff around. Here's what we ended up doing, in case it's useful for anyone else's planning: we checked one bag (plus...
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    what is your favorite horseshoe, loop or curve?

    Hey Yarrow, I think we were on the same train -- not only did we get to see the arnold loop, but we sat for an hour on the downhill portion of the loop watching a stalled freight ahead and uphill from us. I agree that curve is a fine one -- and I was happy to see more of Nevada than usual on...
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    Leaving luggage overnight at Portland (OR) station?

    Yeah, I can see that the logistics of being able to check things all the way to Columbus could potentially make our lives a lot easier -- we just have to adapt our packing to make it work. I think we'll probably give it a try. With the one-day stop in Portland, would bags checked all the way...
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    Leaving luggage overnight at Portland (OR) station?

    Ok, thanks! One of those options should work fine. I somehow had gotten it into my head that Columbus didn't have baggage service, but I see that I was wrong. (We actually haven't checked baggage on any of our previous Amtrak trips, since we've often been going to or from stations where...
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    Leaving luggage overnight at Portland (OR) station?

    My family and I are about to embark on a long train trip -- hooray! The first leg of our trip is from our home in Oakland to Portland on the Coast Starlight. We'll be staying overnight in Portland and visiting friends, before leaving on the next day's Empire Builder. Given that we won't be in...
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    travel with infant and car seat

    Hi, Infantmom. I travelled on an Amtrak train with my daughter when she was about 6 months old, so let me recall as much as I can in case it's helpful to you. We certainly did bring the carseat with us, as we used it at our destination. I honestly don't remember how much we used it on the...