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    crescent NOL-NYP

    Thanks for the info. We have had very abbreviated lunches offered on other trains as well. If lunch is included, we would rather not have to buy it in Penn Station! ;)
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    crescent NOL-NYP

    We leave NOL on Sunday and arrive in NYC on Monday. We have enjoyed docents on the Westbound Sunset Limited and on the California Zephyr between Reno and Sacramento.
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    crescent NOL-NYP

    We will be on the Crescent in August 2017 from New Orleans to NYC in 2010 Bedroom B. I see that we'll be served breakfast shortly before crossing Lake Pontchartrain. Will we also be served lunch prior to arrival in NYC at 1:46 pm? Our full trip will be from Lafayette, where we live, to New...
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    Trip across Canada and to Florida

    I'm pretty certain that we'll make it to the gathering. Even though my avatar shows me as a blonde, I'm now a redhead.... :lol: So ~ keep your eyes open for a smallish redhead with glasses with my TALL husband. I only come up to his shoulder ~ even when wearing my 3" platform flipflops...
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    Trip across Canada and to Florida

    Hi Penny ~ WOW! That was some ambitious trip! How many total miles were you on the train? I know that you were able to get bedroom F on the VIA train. Hope you liked the location by the shower and the fact that it's about 2 feet larger than other bedrooms. Thanks for the trip report. :D...
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    # 92 Silver Star

    I was on this train headed from Tampa to Washington Dc. Heard a swoosh sound, and then all of a sudden, the train came to a stop. We didn't know that a car was involved...we thought it was several pedestrians crossing the tracks. The Sanford rescue teams showed up and after a considerable...
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    Lounge Access in CHI

    The times my husband and I have been in the Metropolitan Lounge, nobody ever checked our tickets upon entrance or once we were inside ~ probably because it was SO crowded you could barely move around inside. Because of that, we didn't bother with staying there ~ just checked our bags and went...
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    Quality Inn New Orleans

    We prefer Felix's, which is across the street. A VERY OLD New Orleans restaurant with great food and you normally don't have to wait in line to get in. If you sit at the bar, ask your server about the trough under the stools in front of the bar! :blink: :o
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    Cancel and Rebooking at Lower Price

    If you cancel, isn't there some sort of a cancellation fee that's imposed? I believe if you opt to take a credit for future trips, there's no charge deducted. Just looked this up on the Amtrak website: I recently noticed that the price of a trip I had booked from Tampa to Washington DC had...
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    Orlando Station on an early Sunday morning

    The Jazzy Dog Cafe, which is located directly across the street from the Orlando Amtrak Station, opens at 9:30am on Sundays. I haven't eaten there, so can't *personally* vouch for the food, but the place has a decent rating on Trip Advisor, UrbanSpoon, and other review websites.
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    Hotels near Montreal Central Station

    While I haven't actually stayed here (I booked here, but then ended up staying at Embassy Suites, because my husband likes that chain) check out HOTEL DU FORT which is a boutique located in downtown Montreal not too far from the main Canada Rail Station. According to Google maps, the Hotel du...
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    Recent VIA Rail Canadian Trip - Vancouver to Toronto

    Boy ~ I'm not sure how to answer..... :blush: We were in the sleeping car that was just before the last car in the train ~ the Park Car. In order to get to the dining car, we had to walk through several sleepers to get there. I personally only saw that one dining car and that's where we had...
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    Best time to purchase tickets?

    I just had that happen for a trip I originally booked in January 2011 for November 23, 2011. I initially had to pay $473.25 for a one-way trip for 2 adults in a roomette from Tampa FL to Washington DC. Yesterday, I was checking the same itinerary, and discovered that it was now showing at...
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    Taxi from ATL Amtrak to ATL Airport

    You can use MARTA, Atlanta's rapid transit system, to get from downtown to the airport. Fares are just $2.00. A taxi runs about $30.00+. Use the "Plan My Trip" feature on the MARTA website for specific details and schedules.
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    Hotels in DC

    We're staying at the Phoenix Park for 3 nights over Thanksgiving weekend ~ the price for a Deluxe Queen/King has gone down from $129/night to just $99/night. If you're willing to prepay, it's $89/night. GREAT rates for a very nice hotel in a terrific location!