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    Menu Choice email?

    Ditto on the Meteor over Halloween weekend.
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    US Class I's are at their Day of Reckoning

    Yes, but to take advantage, the passenger railroad needs reliable equipment that can run on time.
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    Special announcement from Amtrak this weekend?

    I did note some postings for MIA, but I don't remember how many nor whether they were food service related.
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    Special announcement from Amtrak this weekend?

    There were a lot of OBS postings, including chefs, a month or 2 ago. If they were hired, they might be coming out of training soon. I don't think passengers would know anything.
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    VIA Black Friday sale has started

    Not removed; just off sale during the pandemic. In Simply Railway's video of his trip in a Renaissance sleeper on the Ocean in October, he walked past them in his train walk-thru.
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    US Class I's are at their Day of Reckoning

    It's not just railroads. Since at least the 80's, hedge funds, corporate raiders, and MBA's have been driving American industry away from customer satisfaction to sole focus on the bottom line. Capitalism is broken.
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    Special announcement from Amtrak this weekend?

    Maybe that's the "before" picture, and we'll be treated to the "after" picture this weekend. From an artistic standpoint, it does have nice composition.
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    First time LD rider-Mom and child-questions!

    Menus are here: Amtrak Onboard Dining Click on Traditional then scroll down and select Texas Eagle for menu west of San Antonio. Click on Flex then select Texas Eagle for east of San Antonio. Click on Cafe then select National Menu for cafe menu. Traditional offers a Kids menu; Flex has...
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    Amazing how many rail professionals are on this forum

    It's funny, Virtual Railfan forbids it's use, saying it's offensive, but it's not a problem around here.
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    Viewliner II floorplans?

    It is exposed, but it's not really in the middle of the room, it's more in the corner, next to the entrance door and against the hallway. The sink is between the toilet and the couch. It didn't really bother me, but I was the only one in the room. The sink was more of an issue. It partially...
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    11/16/21 #91 (Southbound Silver Star)

    Pacific time vs Eastern?
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    I'm afraid they still haven't figured out how to build one that will last. I encountered a partially broken one in a VL II H-room. I think the problem is that people will naturally lean on them to support their weight when getting up from the seat (I'm guilty), and they're just not designed to...
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    There is not enough room to fit 2 H-rooms down there. The H-room needs to be full car width (or nearly full width, as in Viewliners) to allow space for maneuvering a power chair.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Not just because they were anti-train, but also because it came from the opposing party.
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    Negotiating NYP

    Specifically: Top of the 2nd column on page 1: "There are two paths between Moynihan Train Hall and New York Penn Station. Customers can exit New York Penn Station onto 8th Avenue, cross...