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    LA Union to be a thruway station
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    Canada Coast-to-Coast

    My wife, sister, 87 year old mother and I did a group from Toronto to Vancouver in Prestige last fall. SWMBO and I had the B room in the Park car. It was superb. The rooms are about as described and the food and service was excellent. From Toronto we had a really great crew but west from...
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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    You obviously do not follow the airline or flyer talk sites or you would have never made that statement about passengers not speaking up. The amount of vitriol is pretty well matched by what is written here. So is the occasional bout of nostalgia for times when passengers wore suits and were...
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    Does anyone know the status of the Caltrans Comet IB cars?

    The Transportation Technology Center is there. Test tracks, test facilities, etc.
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    Emp Serv to GCT, LSL NYP Suspended, Other NYP Changes 2018

    Same for me. My wife was in DC for about 2 years for work so we visited a lot of the city on weekends, around Union Station and DuPont Circle were favorites. Even walked down the mall to the Smithsonian Metro to get back to Crystal City after dinner near the capitol on a few occasions. Just...
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    'New' Union Station for Raleigh, NC

    Does this make this, by AU standards, a minor or massive failure?
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Why would Caltrans cut off their nose to spite their face and render 7 of the locomotives that would require special measures for the high level cars? Better to have a homogeneous fleet that can be assigned without extra concern about car assignments?
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    Derailment of Cascades #501, DuPont WA, 2017-12-18

    Now we're really into the "What if Superman had landed in **** Germany" phase of the uninformed crash postmortem on the boards (not just this one). Until we actually hear something from someone who actually knows something, Occam's Razor is the best explanation.
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    Amtrak and air traffic

    Actually, they dug a trench so the (new) Crenshaw light rail line does not appear above ground as it passes the east end of the runway complex. It appears to be pretty much complete and some of the shoring is coming out. There are impressive slopes to get onto bridges over roads at both the...
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    If you get on eastbound Empire Builder at Whitefish, leaving at 7:41,

    And your friend Jimmy gets on westbound Empire Builder at Grand Forks at 7:37,
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    Grade Crossing Accident involving the Silver Star (7/11/17)

    From the photos he was hauling a trailer full of junk. Inattention and an overload for the truck brakes may be all it took. Calling it a suicide without any first hand knowledge is kinda beyond the pale.
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    Greenville, SC (GRV) to be Unstaffed Effective June 15, 2017

    Probably generate enough revenue to justify keeping someone on the payroll for a couple of hour window every day.
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    Trump and Amtrak/Budget cutting funding

    "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." HL Mencken first wrote this in 1915. For me, I just don't care enough to do any calling. Living in California, we have state funded rail service that is usable for daily needs and the...
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    NY Penn to JFK ~ Subway or LIRR?

    LIRR. Fast and simple from Penn.