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    27 breakfast SPK-PDX

    In May of 2019 Amtrak switched vendors in who provisioned the "boxed" meals/food for dinner on #28 and breakfast on #27. I noticed a HUGE difference, and not for the better. There used to be a nice cold option for dinner that ranged from cold baked chicken, roast beef, etc. with various sides...
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    Amtrak FY2021 grant request

    We all must know by now that Anderson & Co. has something in the works to at least bring the number of LD trains down to at least 10.
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    New National Menu February, 2020

    This does seem to have some additional and better choices for lunch and dinner. I still don't understand why they can't do a "marketplace special" like they used to, for lunch that used to include a sandwich..... Typically I am stuck with the Burger! Not ordering fish on the train, sorry, and...
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    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    I think Amtrak could likely get away without having to serve dinner southbound on Train 97 if it departed at 7 pm or 7:01 pm etc. This is all new territory for the trains operating "East of the Mississippi." It would avoid people getting the same menu for three out of four meal periods if...
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    Possible Schedule Change to SB Silver Meteor - train 97

    For years Amtrak ran the Silver Meteor out of NYP at a post-5 pm time (typically 7 pm). This is not something brand new. It was a schedule that was in place for quite a few years and did make sense from equipment utilization. I do applaud Amtrak for looking to go back to a "same day turn" at...
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    Required turn around time in Seattle for delayed arrival of Amtrak 7 Empire Builder?

    Although a shorter train - #7/8 has to stock and clean the diner in Seattle, whereas Portland just has to service the Sightseer Lounge Car. The Seattle section in Jan/Feb is usually down to Superliner Trans Dorm/Sleeper, one full revenue Sleeper, Diner, and one or two coaches. So that consist is...
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    Is the lounge car important to you or your trip?

    The original post speaks about the "new high speed train sets not having tables [in the cafe car." It doesn't have a lounge per say, just areas for people to stand around and enjoy food or beverages at sort of "high top" counters and small tables. And for the most part - hold onto your drink or...
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    Is the City of New Orleans changing to single level?

    The CIty of New Orleans equipment - if made into a single level trainsets - could interchange with the Lake Shore or Crescent in Chicago or New Orleans respectively, and thus exchange out equipment in NYC or be cycled there to/from Hialeah, FL. The City of New Orleans has recently been thrown in...
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    Empire Service to get new equipment

    It is the CBP that prevents Amtrak/NYSDOT from putting a business class car on the Adirondack, but I still don’t understand how it would be such a big problem. If the last TWO cars carry those passengers looking to cross the border and the end car is the 1/2 cafe and 1/2 business class car...
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    Business Class..Coast Starlight vs Cascades..

    The Coast Starlight business class does have 2x2 seating, but it is a leather coach seating that has all been re-done. I still prefer the Cascades’ business class, but Coast Starlight business class not bad.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree with you on the basis and premise of a real railroad diner car - full service meals etc. as the train races to its destination. Unfortunately that current model just won’t fly. Anderson is after the long distance trains and their cost output.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    I think it is a capacity issue - or at least right now. How many box meals can they fit in a Viewliner II Kitchen area - that was not designed for box meals? Even after taking out what they could in the kitchens. Superliner Diners and Cross Country Cafes have more room than single level...
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    Viewliner II Part 3: Bag/Dorm Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Makes little sense to use them on the Eastern Long Distance trains after October 1st with the reduced onboard crew takes affect for F&B service. Your looking at TWO (2) LSA's occupying this car as crew members! Sleeper car attendants stay with their sleepers, and coach attendants stay with the...
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    New Canada-US Customs Pre-Clearance

    The Niagara Rainbow ONLY operated with a slumbercoach when re-launched in the 1990s? I say re-launched as if memory serves me correct, the Niagara Rainbow was a daily train and on a variation of overnight/day train operating through upstate NY and through to Detroit, Ohio, and Michigan.
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    New Canada-US Customs Pre-Clearance

    The Niagara Rainbow and Montrealer are two overnight trains I wish were still around. With a little tweaking in their schedule, they really could have been a nice "hotel on wheels" type of train, and perhaps more tolerable with the "new and contemporary" meal program. Leaving NYC to arrive in...